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May 14, 2002 04:31 AM

Barney's LTD in Old Town Pasadena

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I am attending a "night before high school reunion" get-together at Barney's LTD in Old Town Pasadena soon.
Since I live a few hours away I don't know this restaurant. Actually, is it a restaurant or just a bar or both? Any info. is appreciated! Also, if it is a restaurant what type of food is offered?

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  1. Barney's is a restaurant with a bar, although the bar is not separated from the main dining area. Very casual, food is better than most bar food, but not stellar...hamburgers, baked potatoes, beef dips, things of that sort. It is a big beer place with many different varities of beer on tap. They do not have a full bar and the wine is really mediocre. It is right on Colorado Blvd. in Old Town. You can park in any one of the structures and then walk there. I would try and check out some of the other (and better ;)) bars in Old Town either prior to or after your Barney's experience.

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      Yeah, Barney's is definitely a casual place. No booths, just tables. I almost feel like there's sawdust on the floor, but probably not. ;-) As an idea of the casual vibe, I believe the TV is always on. Last time I went I had a burger and fries and read a magazine. You can definitely wear jeans to this place.

      1. re: achickwwit

        Anyone been to Moose McGillicudy's? What's that like?

        1. re: Chino Wayne

          Altogether now, can we say meatmarket? The bar food is on the better scale - there is a salmon that is quite good. The drinks are poor, typical watered down/well drinks. The weekends are really crowded and often on Wed/Thurs as well. If you are a sports fan in your early twenties looking to "hook-up" on a weekend or a girl who wishes to display the latest in inexpensive and parsimonious couture - it is the place for you. Their lunch is relatively popular with the local Pasadena workforce.

          1. re: Paige Marino

            Thanks, you and LBQT said all that needs to be said about Moose's.

            1. re: Paige Marino

              Well, thanks for the information! Barney's does not sound like "my kind of place" but it's the get-together
              the night before our class reunion-and I'm not going to say what year!! I guess it will do for a place to "catch up" with old friends, er, previous friends?
              high school friends? geez, can't think of a word besides "old" !!!

            2. re: Chino Wayne

              The Long Beach branch (in a waterfront location, with a nice patio overlooking Alamitos Bay) died a slow death. The patio was often filled with families with kids having dinner, while the inside was full of the "young and beautiful" (or what passes for it in LB) doing their ritual mating dances. My kids, who were young but old enough to "know" at the time, thought that the condom machines in the bathrooms were hysterical.

        2. Sandwiches and other "pub" food.

          1. "Not stellar" is generous, given that there are at least a dozen better options within 2 blocks.

            But they do have a large beer selection...