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Mar 25, 2008 06:52 PM

Delish Baklava in Morningside Heights

Just had some fabulous baklava at a newish Middle Eastern spot on Amsterdam between 107th/108th. It wasn't cloyingly sweet, had plenty of nuts, and was served with a sprinkle of orange blossom water.

The restaurant is curiously named Salsa Pasta and Falafel, and it serves a mix of pasta, middle eastern staples and sandwiches. There's one guy behind the counter who is responsible for all of the cooking and the baklava. His falafel was also excellent--crisp exterior, moist and spicy interior. He's a gregarious guy who will stuff you full with lots of samples of this and that. A good addition to the neighborhood. Oh, he'll also do takeout containers of hummus ad other spreads of any size you would like.

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