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East Side Brunch (50's-80's) - Alternatives to Sarabeth's?

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We always seem to meet our friends at Sarabeth's when having brunch on the upper east side. As much as we enjoy Sarabeth's, we are looking for new places to try. Open to all suggestions.

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  1. Annie's is quite delicious...79th and 3rd.

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      I agree. Unfortunately, due to the sale of the building it closed in January.

    2. Cafe Boulud and Aquavit will be my pick

      1. La Mangeoire @ 53rd & 2nd is very popular in this neighborhood. Very reasonable too.

        Mia Dona, recently opened on 58th bet. 2nd & 3rd, also has brunch. I haven't been yet as the offerings seem a little heavier than what I generally want for 1st meal of the day. You'll find their menus at Zagat:

        La Mangeoire
        1008 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10022

        1. David Burke and Donatella has a good brunch pre-fix for $29. or $35. It is a bit expensive but quite good.

          1. my parents & I just tried Grace's Trattoria and it was lovely. more lunch-oriented than brunch, but I had the scrambled egg pizza and it satisfied my breakfast craving.

            1. I just had an excellent brunch at the Corner Cafe (ex-Yura, same food, new name). 92nd and Third, slightly outside your stated catchment, but very deserving of inclusion! Everything we ordered was delicious and I thought it was remarkably reasonable.

              Corner Cafe & Bakery
              1645 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128

              1. EJ's Luncheonette on 3rd in the 70s is quite good. Much more of a diner feel than Sarabeth's, less sophisticated options--but then again it feels better to me to not pay $3.25 for a cup of coffee sometimes ;). The wait (as with everywhere in the neighborhood) can be long, you might want to check the hours since I don't know if they even start brunch service til 10:30. I would get there early, one time we went at 2 thinking we'd be safe but it still took 20 minutes for a table. The food is great (french toast or country breakfast) and better yet, you get a discount on a mimosa for every brunch dish ordered. I'm fairly certain they also substitute eggs whites in omelettes for free (something Sarabeth's seems to charge dearly for).

                Another option would be Barking Dog (we usually order dinner take out from there, but the brunch is good too), with a location in the east 70s around 3rd.

                I've heard Cafe D'alsace (88th and 2nd? 89th and 2nd?) does a nice brunch, maybe more akin to Sarabeth's and the other suggestions listed, but I haven't tried it myself yet.