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Mar 25, 2008 05:59 PM

North End Treats

Just off the pike in Framingham on 30 looked open. Anyone know the scoop? Logo has fire.Brick oven?

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  1. North end treats is awesome!
    Yes just opened and they will have delivery starting April 15th. I have only had the gelato and a bite of the lobster tail cream pastry a friend at work gave me but the pastries are delicious!
    It was recomended to me by a friend who raved about the sauce they use for thier pizza. They have a great menu that is extensive, salads, pastries, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, tea, coffee,panninis and wraps, and other great items. The website It is not up and running yet last I heard. They do not have seating as of yet when I went last week. (I am not sure they will as it is a small place).
    Anyway check it out! It is well worth it!

    1. yes, they are open.. they did a soft opening on Tuesday, without advertising..they just opened the doors to see what kind of foot traffic they would receive..its the cousin of my wife's place..we were in there a couple of weeks ago for a sampling of the food and everything is amazing.. spread the word..this place will definitely satisfy.. the menu is extensive, from pizza, to panini sanwiches, to pastries and flavored coffees.. if i could make a recommendation.. the steak tips are can get them on a plate with rice or, even better, try the steak tip pizza

      1. I went in during lunch today, they had lots of staff- it seemed like owners and management were also helping out to get everyone's order in. Its clean, store with a great selection of drinks, baked goodies, and the panini was delicious. The Bova bread that made all the difference!

        1. stopped in for a quick slice of pizza and a lobster tail the other day. pizza was great! they do have an oven out front. lobster tail shell was nice and crisp even though they were pre-filled. cream was a bit disappointing though: too sweet and texture was pudding-like.

          1. I just had a lobster tail and cannoli from North End Treats. I agree that the lobster tail was disappointing. The pastry was nice and crispy, but the filling seemed to consist only of too-sweet whipped cream. There was none of the pudding texture the previous poster referred to, so maybe they're working on it. The cannoli was better, but not as good as Mike's. The filling had the opposite problem: could have used more sweetness or more flavor of some kind, and the shell wasn't stale, but was not as crisp as it could have been. I look forward to trying the brick oven pizza, though.