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Mar 25, 2008 05:40 PM

Arnold's-Nashville: What's your favorite meat? What's your favorite three?

Been combing the posts for Nashville recs, and it seems Arnold's is a regional must. Looks awesome....but...what to order? The meats that appeal to me are roast beef, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, and possibly the chicken livers, if someone says I can't live without 'em. And what about the three? What are your "go-to" sides? Probably only going to get one lunch here, on either a Tuesday or should I order?

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  1. I can't remember what things are served on what days, but I'm a big fan of their roast beef w/ gravy. Pretty much all of the sides I've had there are good. I really like the fried green tomatoes, but that's only one day of the week. The yams are awesome. And save room for some pie! Basically, you're not going to go wrong at Arnold's no matter what.

    1. I haven't had any bad sides at Arnold's -- just get whatever looks good that day and/or fits in with your particular preferences...

      1. Thanks jamiecarroll and grundoon. I'm suprised more chowhounds don't have specific favorites, but it is nice to feel that I can't go wrong! I think I will go Wednesday for the roast beef, but I see a pork bbq on the menu that has me curious. I'm torn on the beans, stewed okra or turnip greens? Leaning towards the turnip greens. Mashed, mac or dressing? Unless the mashed potatoes are truly unique and amazing, I guess I will try the mac and cheese, but if their dressing is homemade and remarkable...I'm torn. Anyone else out there with any experiences/preferences to share?

        BTW - here's the menu:

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          saticoy -- I think we're pretty much in agreement. On Wednesday, I would get:

          Roast Beef
          Turnip Greens
          Black-eyed Peas

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            I love the roast beef there and the turnip greens. He also offered some great scalloped apples. But I haven't eaten there in years -- I work so far away that I never get to go.

          2. I've only been once, since I'm not from Nashville, but I really enjoyed the fried green tomatoes.

            1. I always look for Green Beans and Greens at the local Meat n 3 places. Arnolds has very good sweet potatoes too. But the advice to go for what looks good the day you are there is solid advice. Everything at Arnolds will be delicious.