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Mar 25, 2008 05:20 PM

South in SM -- Open Yet?

Does anyone know whether South, a new Southern cuisine spot in Santa Monica on Wilshire near 14th Street, is open yet?

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  1. is this the place that replaced punch grill?

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    1. re: wilafur

      Yes, that's exactly where it is located.

      1. re: sweiner

        i believe they were targeting mid march to open. haven't driven by so i am unsure if they opened in time.....but knowing the city of sm, i doubt that is the case. lol.

    2. If you are referring to the Punch Grill site that would be Wilshire and Stanford.

        1. I think it was supposed to be open a few weeks ago. A friend of mine wanted to have her birthday gathering there this weekend but was told that it is not going to be open yet.

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          1. re: PrettyPlaty

   sure to check out that menu before you head over. Maybe I'm just annoyed that their fried green tomatoes come with "spicy cajun sauce" (yeah, I think they serve that at KFC too) or that the pulled pork is served "swimming in bbq sauce", but there's something about that menu that just sets off red flags for me. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

            1. re: Bjartmarr

              Right you are Bjartmarr. "Swimming in sauce" is never a positive menu description. Did anyone else note the little "after 6 pm south is a 21 and over establishment" disclaimer on the web site? That seems very odd for a restaurant.

              1. re: Servorg

                I would guess that it is going to bar of the Q's and Cabo Cantina variety since it is being run by former Q's bartenders who also happen to be from Georgia, hence the name. I'm sure you don't have to use the spicy cajun sauce and that you can ask them to hold the bbq sauce. *smile* My friend is a big fan of the Q's/Cabo scene and wanted a place to check out the games and enjoy a "festive" atmosphere. Hey, it's her birthday, she gets to pick!

                1. re: Servorg

                  They weren't open as of Saturday night (4/5). Looks to me like they're going for more of a bar vibe than a restaurant.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    From their web site:

                    "Welcome to SOUTH, where true Southern style meets Southern California. At SOUTH you’ll get authentic Southern food and classic cocktails & beers, all served with our friendly hospitality. You’re always welcome at SOUTH, no matter if you want a sit down dinner with family and friends or just want a drink while you watch the game."

                    Seems like a typical restaurant that serves cocktails, and when it comes to inviting "FAMILY and friends" it makes me think I can dine there for dinner with my "FAMILY", not all of whom are 21 or over.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      I meant the furniture and physical layout. It looks more like a sports bar than a family restaurant at first glance.

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        The guys who are opening it are connected to Q's and Barney's so I think a&w's probably on track:

            2. Stopped by there today and they said they're trying to open next weekend - 4/12
              Apparently the health inspector keeps cancelling on them. It will be interesting to see if they can make it work in that space which has seemingly been doomed lately. It'll probably be all about the booze rather than the food. I did ask the co-owner if he'd been to Stevie's in the valley which is similar but pricier and he'd never heard of the place - which considering there are few southern food restaurants in LA you would think he might have.