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Mar 25, 2008 05:17 PM

Good Dinner Party Food for Watching Basketball?

Hi all! Doesn't have to be super-fancy, but what can I serve my friends while we watch NCAA basketball later this week? (OK, I know you're curious. We are going to watch the Tarheels kick some butt!)

I'm thinking a one-dish meal they can eat while the plate (or whatever) is on their lap while we are watching TV in the living room.

Sort of was thinking Shrimp & Grits [maybe lasagna? maybe coq au vin?}... any other ideas? I'm open to almost anything. I'll have to do dessert, too.... I guess maybe just cupcakes? I'm thinking something easy to ear while we are sitting around the TV. Maybe big sugar cookies? I've never made black&white cookies before, though I would love to try... best recipe for those? [would like to make Carolina blue and white, though]

Thanks a million!

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  1. I think a pasta dish is your easiest, and it will hold up well if people aren't all eating it at the same time, or letting it sit a bit while they are busy watching. :-) Add some garlic bread, and a good dessert and keep it simple so you can enjoy the game too! I'm not a big cupcake fan, I'd sooner bake a flourless chocolate torte...(so easy!) or a cheesecake..or pie...but it depends on what you and your pals like most.

    1. Meat/Chicken/Vegetable Skewers are easy to eat
      Stuffed Potatoes or just the skins
      I know these aren't a one dish, but they're good finger foods.
      Something about sporrts screams brownies to me too.

      If you're set on one dish, how about a few varieties of homemade grilled pizza? Or, on CHOW there's that great Chicken w/ Artichokes casserole recipe.... which I think would pair nicely w/ the Gramercy Tavern gingerbread warmed under vanilla ice cream.

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        I would agree with the homemade grilled pizza. You can make it easily and be creative with toppings so everyone has something they like. You could also go with the general appetizer table and put togeather some dips (ie-spinach and artichoke, guac, etc) and some other easy to eat, not too messy appetizers.

      2. If you're cheering for the Tarheels, you need to make some Southern food. I say, stick with your shrimp and grits. For cupcakes, I would recommend chocolate with Ina Garten's peanut butter frosting (available on the Food Network site). The frosting comes out pretty light in color, so it might accept blue food coloring.