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After the Angel Game Sat. Nite...

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Going to the Angel game on Saturday night with mom and her boyfriend. Looking for options close by for after the game. Heading south to Newport so anything on the way home.

There is only a slim chance we can get to a restaurant (even close to the stadium) before 10pm.

What is good that is open late? Nothing to "funky" my mom is not that adventurous, but the only thing definitely out is sushi.

And I know the stadium has good food, but not going that route this time.

Any help would be appreciated!

Go halos!

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  1. Yikes...not a lot of restaurants near the stadium except for chain-type places, as far as I know, and things tend to shut down. There might be something open at Downtown Disney. Or better yet, The Block at Orange has a place called Tu Tu Tango. It's sort of a tapas place. I've only been there once, and it was definitely later in the evening. The food was good enough.

    1. The downtown Pacific Dining Car I believe is still open 24 hrs and has steaks and chops, etc. I haven't been there in years but maybe other members of the board might have a more recent experience. One thing I know, its quite expensive and it's "old school."

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        Downtown Los Angeles is a good 25-30 miles north of Anaheim, and in the complete opposite direction that the OP will be headed, which is south, towards Newport Beach.

      2. Boy, do I WISH there was a Pacific Dining Car in Anaheim!!

        That said, you are in a dining desert of late-night possibilities. Were it me and and my mom, I would consider nearby Lazy Dog Cafe or King's Fish House. Possibly open late enough. Not awesome, not awful. Big menus with enuf to please all. Both have websites.

        I might also look at nearby Mr. Stox. They might serve a bar menu -- which given their fare, would please most moms. Old School Continental characterizes their food and crowd. Comfy digs.

        You might get suggestions for Honda Ya in Tustin, just off the 5. Too funky and too raucus -- for my mom anyway. I happen to love it.

        1. Although a couple off-ramps North of the Big A, can try Portillos for great hot dogs, sausage or beef sandwiches and salads. I often stop by and doggybag it into Angels Stadium. Much better than anything they serve inside.

          Portillo's Hot Dogs
          8390 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620

          1. Don't look further! Definitely go to Mr. Stox, on Katella in Anaheim. It's only five minutes from the stadium! This is an excellent and traditional place so I am sure your mom will like it. We have gone there after a ball game, and if you let them know when you make your reservation, there will be no problem. I am certain that they will serve you the full menu if you get there by 10 pm, and probably will serve you later if they know you are coming from the stadium. Mr. Stox is an old classic clubby restaurant with excellent food and service. Be sure to reserve and let them know that you will be coming from an Angel's game. Check out their website: www.mrstox.com

            1. A dining desert of late-night possibilities indeed. While things do shut down around 11, this is true of MOST places.

              Carolina's (for red-sauce Italian food) on the corner of Chapman and West in Garden Grove, open until 11.

              Marri's (but call to make sure of their hours) for Italian on the corner of Katella and Walnut in Anaheim.

              If you want to keep the sports theme going, I'm sure National Sports Grill on State College and Orangewood (enter from Orange Centre Drive off State College) will be open after the game, for bar food and burgers type things.

              Burger Boy, on State College and Howell (one signal north of Katella) is open until 11 PM. They have really quite tasty burgers, Mexican food and suchlike. It's an order-at-counter-and-they-bring-you-food type place.

              I assume J. T. Schmid's will be open late -- they are a brewpub with really tasty food (especially the appetizers, but the burgers are good too) on Katella, directly across from the Arrowhead Pond (Honda Centre, whatever).

              Mariscos Los Mochis on State College just north of Santa Ana St. is a Mexican seafood restaurant with really good ceviche and simple fish preparations. Their mariachi is even decent, which is saying a lot.

              If you want Chinese, call King Harbor restaurant on Harbor and Garden Grove and see when they close.

              I'd suggest Original Mike's on First and Main in Santa Ana, but they've just implemented this ridiculous new dress code (no white tennis shoes, no sports team apparel, no baseball caps, no uncollared men's shirts, etc.) which is just stupid. They're trying to make a silk purse of a sow's ear. Dress code in Santa Ana, my hind foot.

              Or have a bit of an adventure, take the 22 to the 405 instead of taking the 5 to the 55, and hit up Thai Nakorn, on Beach and Chapman in Stanton. I know they're open reasonably late, and it's the very best Thai food -- which is perhaps not too weird for your sainted mother.

              1. Depends what you want.

                If you want super casual, fast food or chain restaurants, by all means das ubergeeks recommendations are the way to gol If you want a really nice, very upscale, tablecloth restaurant with good food and service, then I still think you should look no further and call Mr. Stox. You will definitely not be disappointed with my recommendation. But if you want a super casual meal, by all means follow the recommendations of das ubergeeks. We are looking at apples and oranges here!

                1. Ooops! did I say Pacific Dining Car?? I was thinking near Dodger Stadium. Sorry.