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One dinner in Chinatown...where would you go?

Help....looking for a GREAT authentic meal!

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  1. If you can call in advance to pre-order, I'd probably say King Fung Garden for the multi-course Peking Duck.

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    1. I'd vote for Peach Farm. No reservation necessary. Make sure to pick up the small orange menu on the way in. Try the (really big) steamed oysters with your preferred seasoning, clams with black bean sauce, and salt&Pepper shrimp.

      1. Best Little Restaurant on Hudson Street. Just order whatever you see on the others' tables.

          1. Seafood, Cantonese-style: East Ocean City; Peach Farm

            Shanghai: Wing's Kitchen; New Shanghai

            Taiwanese: Taiwan Cafe

            Cantonese, mostly, some Fuzhou: Best Little Restaurant

            1. Xinh Xinh.....the most delicious food I have ever tasted and I am over 300 pounds so I have tasted a lot...lol.

              1. Narrowing a bit: where to find brilliant Sichuan? Specifically, I am intrigued by the hot pot, which I've never tried.

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                    Or Sichuan Garden in Brookline for excellent Sichuan.

                    You could also do hot pot at any of the following:
                    Little Q Hot Pot, Quincy
                    Kaze, Chinatown
                    Shabu Zen, Chinatown

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                    I went to Kaze a couple of nights ago and really, really enjoyed it. I went with two other people, we all split the Oden (fish cakes and tofu, very unique and highly recommended), the seafood platter (good mix of shrimp, salmon, scallops, squid, live clams, etc), and a meat platter with rib eye and chicken. We also got two broths the Kimchi which had a good, spicy (but not too spicy) flavor, and the Japanese Curry which was outstanding. It was hard not to fight over the curry broth, it was that good.

                    Every platter is served with choice of noodles and assorted vegetables. We all ate like kings for less than $20 per person. To top it all off, the food is very healthy aside from the salt.

                    We'd tried Shabu Zen before and preferred Kaze. The quality was a bit higher, we preferred sitting at a table instead of a bar, and our servers spoke English very well -- not a requirement for Chinatown, more of a perk, they were able to explain what everything was very clearly. Two thumbs up!

                  3. Jumbo Seafood and Peach Farm are both excellent. Have been to King Fung Garden many times but never got the Peking Duck (you have to call a day ahead).