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Mar 25, 2008 04:54 PM

One dinner in Chinatown...where would you go?

Help....looking for a GREAT authentic meal!

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  1. If you can call in advance to pre-order, I'd probably say King Fung Garden for the multi-course Peking Duck.

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    1. I'd vote for Peach Farm. No reservation necessary. Make sure to pick up the small orange menu on the way in. Try the (really big) steamed oysters with your preferred seasoning, clams with black bean sauce, and salt&Pepper shrimp.

      1. Best Little Restaurant on Hudson Street. Just order whatever you see on the others' tables.

          1. Seafood, Cantonese-style: East Ocean City; Peach Farm

            Shanghai: Wing's Kitchen; New Shanghai

            Taiwanese: Taiwan Cafe

            Cantonese, mostly, some Fuzhou: Best Little Restaurant