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Mar 25, 2008 04:35 PM

Asia Grocery (indian grocery) Miami

I remember reading about an Asia Grocery an Indian Grocery store on Miller Drive. I always meant to stop in and never got around to it. I finally was in the neighborhood yesterday and it was shuttered. Does anyone know, if the place has gone out of business? If it has gone out of business can anyone recomend an Indian Grocery in South FLorida.

I used to go to the one in Coral Gables, but they knocked it down to build a huge building. I miss getting Indian Spices and Paneer Cheese etc.

I am excited to hear where to go.....

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  1. Here is the link to where you probably read about it

    They're closed on Mondays.

    Asia Grocery
    Address: 6727 S.W. 56th St., Miami
    Phone: 786-268-7700
    Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed Monday
    Credit Cards: all cards accepted

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      OH I went there today. The people there were really nice. Thanks for the info and I will definitely go back regularly!

    2. FYI I've seen Paneer at Whole Foods as well. (the one in Coral Gables). They have Indian spices too though I am sure it would be way more than what you get at an Indian grocer.

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        Eat at Heelsha 1550 NE 164th St, (305) 919-8393‎ and drive a few blocks east on 164th Street to
        Bamboo Bombay Super Bazaar‎
        2006 NE 164th St, (on the corner at NE 20th Ave) 305-948-7258‎


      2. Try Spice N Curry. They are located on 123 SW 107th Avenue, Miami, FL - 33174 (Tel 305-359-3928) . They also have a great Cafe inside the store.

        1. Indo-Pak Market on NE 164 Street has a good selection. Spices, dals, fresh curry leaves, etc...
          There is also a Bangali market farther west on 164 Street, across from the pool supply place, but I have not been in there.