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Mar 25, 2008 04:21 PM

Marais Area Suggestions

Four Foodie women in mid forties traveling with 17 year old Foodie staying in Marais(Rue de Beaubourg) District Apartment. Need suggestions for decent price meals and a few special nights out. Also are there any local markets,butchers could suggest? Leaving the 2nd of April....Thanks!

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  1. Have any of you rented an apartment in Paris before? I'm not clear exactly where to start. Here are a few quick thoughts, off the top of my head:

    The rue Rambuteau is very near you, with it's first block just off the Pompidou Center containing a number of shops and cafes. I liked a bakery on that street, as well as one of the green grocers. There is a market on that street for staples, or a few blocks away is a Monoprix. I'll leave off the cafes for now.

    A fairly short walk away is the market street rue Montorgeuil. Sadly, some of the food-focused shops have closed and a number of cafes have taken their place over the last several years. Still there is at least one good cheese shop there, as well as one of the oldest patisseries (the oldest still in operation?), Stohrer,, at least one good fish monger, a good bakery (you'll be able to tell by the longer line, I can't remember the name of it). I didn't stay near this area last year when I was there, so I didn't pay the same attention to changes that I would have if I had been renting an apartment near it. I do remember a nice wine stores was still there, :).

    You didn't say how long you will be renting the apartment, but if you decide you need any kitchen equipment, see the recent thread on outfitting a kitchen; you are staying close to all those shops as well,

    That's off the top of my head. Can you give some more detail about the types of meals and price ranges you are looking for when eating out?

    Hope this is useful!

    1. Depending on your idea of decent price and special, I would suggest Le Dome du Marais for both of these. It is moderate in price, but the atmosphere is very elegant, and the food is upscale and very good. But you should also get out of the neighborhood and try some interesting places a bit farther afield. L'Os a Moelle in the 15th is easily reached by metro, and offers a 5-course prix fixe for 36 euros, with a fair number of choices for each course. The food is excellent and more contemporary and creative than typical bistro, while the atmosphere is classic simple bistro. Well worth the journey.

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        I was underwhelmed by L'Os a Moelle when we went in February - I'd choose the Cave over the big sister any day. Would highly recommend Mon Vieil Ami for either a reasonably priced lunch (if you stay with the menu) or a slightly splashier option if you go a la carte.

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          The times I have been to l'Os a Moelle there have been 2 choices per course except dessert which had 3 or 4 choices.
          The menu changes just about daily so there certainly may be days where you do not find things to your liking given the limited choices. I agree with rrems on this one, always look forward to returning.

          1. re: f2dat06

            How long since you have been there? We were there in October and there were 5 choices each for the main course and dessert.