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Mar 25, 2008 04:20 PM


All right Tacoma... When it comes to food in Tacoma things have gotten a little crazy on this here board. For instance, Indochine downtown is no longer tasty, so stop recommending it! Also, why all these 20 buck a plate places? Lets get back to our roots. I challenge Tacoma to hunt out food on the cheap. We are talking less than 10 bucks for a fine tasty treat. Other rules? None... Lets start a list, cheap food, under ten bucks that will rock your socks off. Here is what I got:

- Tofu House down in Paldo World - Damn tasty hot tofu soup... incredible side dishes
- The Fish House, friggin' awesome fried fish, tasty hot wings
- V & V Pho, simply good, honest to god Pho.... oh no MSG, a def. plus
- Legendz double cheese burger, cheap and makes you feel gross after your done, everything a burger needs
- MSM for a sandwhich, Mikes delux all the way!!!
- It's greek, get a gyro INSIDE.... if you order and sit down to eat they really load up the toppings
- PSP for some good pizza, none of this "piza!" (bad pun) that is associated with places like the rock (unless you like hanging out with drunk frat jerks)
- Freighthouse square two things here:
a) Sushi, stop by after 6:30 for half off goodness... load up on a quality rainbow roll
b) Al's hawaiin, a Loco Moco that literally weighs 5 lbs, they make homemade hamburger mix for the loco moco.... mmmmmmm gravy
- Tacos guamos for some decent mexican food, although the mexican market on 66th and South Tacoma makes a MEAN enchilada platter (any platter that comes with three enchiladas and also a half chicken is friggin sweet, also under 10)
- Vietnamese butcher shop of 36th near Vien Dong... about 3/4 of the time I go they are out of the classics: roast duck, fried pork, cha shu (sp?)... if you can score there then rock on
- Bobs BBQ, although not for the BBQ, get a big honking tub of greens... they make some mean greens
- Southern kitchen breakfast, pushing the 10 buck envelope, but fried butterfish for breakfast is next to godlyness.... mmmmm gravy, fried, eggs, butter and grits......
**Wows also does a mean gravy that actually has meatballs in it... who the hell puts meatballs in their gravy?

Well what else do you got Tacoma!!!!! Remember keep it simple, keep it safe, keep it cheap... Lets hunt out those local haunts that keep food in Tacoma real.... Psh Indochine!!!! I hate that place, pacific grill is good, they got a very tasty ginger jack drink as well as good blue cheese tater tots

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  1. What the heck, wheres Frisco Freeze?

    (and for the sake of my fiancee, Jubilee's Smitty Burger)

    1. I agree. I think we should embrace our off-beat weirdness and eat at the little, independent hole-in-the-wall places where real Tacomans eat!

      I totally second the Fish House Cafe recommendation. Here is a link to their menu and I recommend the fish sandwich with crinkle fries. Yum.

      I also recommend Le-Le. It serves really fresh and delicious Vietnemese food. If you've never had it, try it! We always take out-of-town guests there and nobody every goes hungry or can't find something delicious (and usually healthy) to try. We love the spring rolls, the bun and the pho so much that we have a hard time trying new stuff. When we do we love it. The Tom Yum soup ranks in the top 10 foods we've tried.
      Here is the link to their great restaurant:

      Another fantastic ethnic restaurant is Fujiya. It has delicious, authentic Japanese food right downtown with no attitude and real, live Japanese owners who work there every day and live on the proceeds. Love supporting the small business!
      Here is a link to their glossy new website:

      Another off-beat treasure is Tatanka Take-Out in Ruston. It's right on the way to Point Defiance Park and Zoo and a great place to get yummy food for an impromptu picnic!
      The menu is based around bison and if you've never had it you'll be amazed by its savory flavor. They call it "America's Original Health Food" and it's high in protein and low in fat and full of flavor. You can have it in huge burritos, crispy tacos, juicy burgers and savory BBQ roast. There are vegetarian and vegan options too but try the bison!
      You can check out their menu:

      Also in the north end close to the park (Just a few blocks down from Tatanka)is an incredible anachronism known as the Antique Sandwich Company. Just go there. You won't believe it. Transplants from Boulder, CO will feel like they've come home. Oh yeah, the sandwiches are great. And the tea. And the salads. And the Tuesday night open-mic...Well, it's funny anyway.

      For another break from corporate bullsh*t try Black Water Coffee. The coffee is great and you'll feel like a cool insider. The magenta and orange tile floors shouldn't work...but they do, they really do.

      1. -Thai Garden on S. 11th is delicious, cheap, and the owner is so cute.
        -Minjis Pho very cheap and always fantastic
        -Teryaki Bento is just awesome compared to your average teryaki place and of course cheaper.