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Mar 25, 2008 04:14 PM

wedding in friuli

my wife to be and i are traveling to friuli to get married in the begining of may in a villa in frasca will be our caterers most of our guests are staying in allegria so thankfully both of there food we will have the pleasure of eating.
can anybody reccomend espically places for breakfast lunch in these regions including trieste,lake garda and padova i just discovered this board this evening the info is amazing
i am sure all of the answers to my questions are already on it but excitement has got the better of me thankyou

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  1. The Friuli region is amazing because there are so many interesting places for chowhounds. There is no need to go to Padova, Lake Garda or (shudder) Trieste...

    For breakfast Italians usually will go to a pasticceria and get some espresso or capuccino with small pastries. In Udine there are many of these, all are excellent, none are so spectacular that I remember the name.

    Lunch is much more interesting. The best place in town is IMHO the Hotel Allegria, where you are staying anyway. If you want something less impressive: In Udine there is a great pizzeria at 21, Piazza 1 Maggio, called Ristorante Concordia. This is a very casual place with a nice outdoor area, and serves the best Pizza in Udine. Great for lunch. Not easy to find, give the address to google maps or use this link:

    Udine is also full of enotecas, were you can get a glass of wine and snacks such as prosciutto, cheese, sandwiches etc. and usually some delicious pasta (!) for lunch (!). These enotecas are everywhere, and all have great wine and food.
    Recommended: the Enoteca Giardinetto

    A real experience is a small trattoria east of Udine, in the Colli Orientali: the Trattoria di Mario / Entoteca Schioppettino in Prepotto:

    There you get a very special local wine, the schioppettino:

    Another very nice restaurant is the Giardinetto in Cormons. This small place is very popular, so get a reservation in time ! The food there is amazing. Definitely recommended !!

    The most popular restaurant in Cormons is the Ristorante Subida:

    For seafood, you do not have to go to Trieste (a very uninteresting town) or Grado (tourists everywhere), I can recommend something out of the way and still much closer to Udine: Marano Lagunare. This is a small fishermens village at the lagoon of Grado, much closer to Udine that you would expect, and the main fish market of the area. The old town center has been nicely renovated and is full of excellent seafood places.

    A selection:

    And of course you also have to visit San Daniele....

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      thankyou so much sturmi for your recomendations we have already booked hotels in trieste and lake gardo padova was just and idea for the last night of our honey moon mainly because we are flying out of venice will definetly check out marano lagunare

      1. re: FRIULI

        If you fly out of venice airport I have another idea (less travel involved):

        Why not having dinner at the Trattoria Nalin in Mira (IMHO the best fish place of the whole Veneto including Venice), and spend the last night at Villa Margherita in Mira ??

        Here the links:

        Mira is right in between Padova and Venice airport...

    2. La Subida in Cormons (already mentioned) is worth a trip. Stinco is a specialty.

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