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Mar 25, 2008 03:59 PM

Help! Good bar for meetup group near Penn Station?

I need your help! I organize a meetup group and the place we usually go to (downtown) has been closed. We're trying to find a relaxed bar near Penn Station that would be good for a a group of about 10-20 people to sit around drinking a few drinks and talkign for a couple hours. The meeting would take place next wednesday night around 7pm. The music can't be too lound since we want to be able to have good conversation. Some people might order pizza or bar food, but usually it's just a couple drinks per person. We're not a loud or rowdy group (we're bloggers)... Any ideas?


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  1. Molly Wee, Seven, Mustang Sally

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      i have to advise against mustang sally's. we went there a few weeks ago in a similar situation, thinking it couldn't be that bad. it was. food (wings, fried calamari, popcorn shrimp) was terrible (worse than our low expectations), and the drink prices were outrageous ($8-9 pints; $10 liquor).

        1. Me bar on the 14th floor of the La Quinta Inn on 32nd street

          1. Me Bar sounds great, but it seems like a summer place. Is there enough room indoors for a group of 20? Has anyone been there recently?