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May 13, 2002 11:33 PM

Rock restaurant

  • j

Does anybody still go here anymore? I this destined to be his next closure?

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  1. k

    a little birdie knows that it is in the process of going on the market

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    1. re: kirbywasthere

      The pattern continues. I think Hans is one of the most inhospitable chefs in town. If he would engage people to see what they are thinking and what they want he has the capability of providing it. He is more of a celebrity chef without the audience. He is so talented too. I know a couple of people have talked to him but I am talking about many people that
      live in the Marina and have never felt welcome. It has happened to us every time we went, happened to all of out neighbors that I talked to about it, even on Mother's Day a couple went there Friday night and were given menus, food and shuttled out the door. I think that food is only part of the equation for a successful restaurant.

      1. re: Just Larry

        I posted a little while ago about this restaurant. The two times I went with the monkeyboyfriend, we had good food and the service was fine. when I was there, I noticed that they had a private little "room" in the middle of the dining room, and thought it would make a good location for the mbf's birthday. So I called, made reservations, and everything was cool. Then I had to change the reservation for a week later--and I was told by the host that they would be switching that night to an all seafood menu. This did not bode well, but the host said he would talk to Hans and see what the story was. I never heard back.

        Worried, I cancelled the reservation and am now gathering everyone at Taverna Tony for good Greek food and entertainment.

        Two New Year's Eves ago, the mbf and I made reservations at Rock for dinner, but they didn't get enough people and we were shifted over to Rockwagner--but got to pay the Rock price. It was a good deal, wonderful food, certainly nothing we could ever afford on our meager budget.

        It's all very puzzling.

        That's the Monkey Report.

          1. re: Roddy M.

            I thought Roddy McDowell was dead.

            1. re: mc michael

              He and his hugeness will forever live, and forever serve as arbiters of simian references.

              1. re: Charles D

                I thought he was the weakest link.

        1. re: Just Larry

          Obviously, I can't speak for the whole of LA's experience with Hans, but he and his wife have been very conscientious and gracious the few times I've dealt with them.

          But I've always felt like Rock's space feels all wrong. The food was good, the service fine, but sitting in there made me nervous. Maybe they - or the next owner - needs a feng shui expert. :)

          1. re: Just Larry

            I helped open this resturaunt and will dance a jig when it closes. I have never (in the seven resturaunts that I have worked for) seen such bad management, disrespect for employees, and outright theft.

            Maybe some of you liked the experience eating there, but it was hell behind the scenes.

            Wonder why the service was always so bad? Appropriation of tips by managment to cover the failure of the resturaunt. Led to very cheaply paid wait staff that circulated weekly.

            Sorry, Hans and Patty are the only ones to blame. Hans reputation could only keep this dog open so long.

            Alas, enough mud slung. He had it coming though.