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Sedona - Sunday late lunch/brunch, Enchantment or L'Auberge?

We're visiting Sedona for the first time this weekend. Plans are for lunch at Cafe Elote, dinner at Silver Saddle, and then a late Sunday lunch at either L'Auberge or the Enchantment Resort - any advice, or a different suggestion? We're new to this area so looking forward to any tips. Thanks!

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  1. Best lunch I have had in Sedona was at Rachel Ray's table next to Oak Creek at L'Auberge, wonderful two hour lunch.

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      L'Auberge's Sunday brunch is amazing. One of the best I've had. Smoked salmon, goat cheese omlettes, crab legs, short rib stew, great bubbly. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. Also an amazing setting right on Oak Creek. Don't miss it. I have not tried the Enchantment Resort.

    2. Rubee - it's been years since I've been to Sedona, and when I was there I didn't go to any of the restaurants you've mentioned. I do remember quite enjoying the patio at Rene at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Looks like there are some less than stellar recent reports though. As I said, it's been years, so I would look into recent reports. I also really enjoyed some of the health food/spa type places for simple breakfasts and sandwiches, but I'm not sure that would be up E's alley!

      I really enjoyed Sedona and took a lovely horseback ride through the area that was really fun. There are also many galleries worth looking into. I hope you have a good time!

      1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Cafe Elote is only open for dinner.

        1. Thanks everyone for all your help. Looks like brunch will be at L'Auberge.

          Thanks Janeh - although that's dissapointing, I'm glad that I didn't just show up for lunch, that would have been worse. I might have to try to change my plans around; I was really looking forward to Cafe Elote.

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            Here's an idea - maybe you can do everything. If you plan a late-ish dinner, Cafe Elote is a great spot for a 5 o'clock drink and appetizer with a sunset view from the patio.

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              L'Auberge is good but it doesn't hold a candle to Yavapai at Enchantment..
              The resort is gated so you won't be able to get in otherwise..
              The Red Rock views from your table outside or in is spectacular..that is why it is a 5*..
              Cafe Elote for drinks and app's will be perfect for you!

            2. Always enjoy Enchantment..was just there 2 weeks ago and it was fab..
              L'Auberge is quite good but you can't beat having brunch at the Yavapai restaurant at the Enchantment Resort.

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                I love L'Auberge and thought the service and the setting were terrific. Enchantment strikes me as trying a little too hard, but others may disagree.

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                  Don't get me wrong, I do love L'Auberge and the creek is running at full capacity right now..
                  Been to Yavapai 5-6 times for lunch/brunch and dinner and have always had a wonderful time and never felt that service was trying too hard at all..

              2. Well, thanks to you guys for all your great suggestions!. Since it seems that there was a toss-up between Enchantment and L'Auberge, we found a way to do both.

                We arrived yesterday and our first stop was Enchantment where we had sunset margaritas and appetizers at Tii Gavo (their casual restaurant) outside on the patio with that magnificent view. Dinner was at Silver Saddle. We have lunch booked at L'Auberge in an hour, and plans for Cafe Elote tonight for dinner (bumped my husband's idea of Stakes and Sticks since we can watch the horse races anytime instead of at dinner). Tommorrow for our last meal before we leave, Gini, our lunch will be at Rene.

                Report to follow. Thanks again!

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                1. My wife and I had Sunday brunch at L'Auberge last October. We loved the setting (our table was just a couple feet from the creek) and enjoyed ourselves. But the food was not so great. The eggs benedict had been in the chafing dish far too long. The bottoms were rock hard, the yolks were set, and the hollandaise gloppy and congealed. The egg guy took several minutes to cook each omelet, so with even just a few cusotmers in line, it took at least 15 minutes to be served (not his fault -- his propane burner looked woefully wimpy).

                  The cheese tray consisted of Boursin, a standard Brie, and what looked like pepper jack. All of it served very cold. But the oddest thing was the platter itself -- an eleveated pewter platter with sloped edges supported only by a slender central column. It was so unstable that I had to move all of the cheeses to the center to cut them (didn't help that they were so cold). No love for cheese there.

                  The champagne was Cook's. The waiters averted the label when pouring, whether out of shame or accident, I don't know.

                  I've heard good things about their dinner service, and hey, it was just a buffet. It clearly wasn't their A team in the kitchen, and maybe they had an off day.

                  But you know what? The photos on the Web site don't do the place justice. It's a little bit of heaven. We enjoyed every minute of it after we stopped eating and started quaffing the Cook's. I'd skip the buffet and go for lunch.

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                    That was Cook's bubbly? It's amazing how good cheap champagne can taste when in a festive mood. Bummer on the egge benes. My favorite memory was the fantastic crab and goat cheese omlette which was made to order for me without any wait on that particular day.
                    I've also eaten dinner there twice. Both times did the tasting menu with wine pairings and been very happy. Not life changing or mind altering but very good and somewhat memorable. Has to be considered with the best dinner houses in Sedona.
                    Next time I'm there for Sunday brunch I will be more aware of the waiters trying to hide the cheap champagne.

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                      Actually, we thought about it and not being fans of buffet brunches in general, that is exactly what we decided to do - have a leisurely lunch there on Saturday. We had a wonderful time. Picture and trip report linked below.


                      Sedona Trip Report (long)

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                        My wife was mad at me for complaining about the Cook's, so she went and bought a bottle for our dinner last night. And I must say, it works just fine and is not bad at all.

                        Thanks for the info Rubee and Climberdoc. We'll definitely have to try lunch or dinner next time we're in Sedona.

                      2. I know I'm coming to this post late, and I hope you had a wonderful time in Sedona, Rubee.

                        When wondering which is better for Sunday brunch, Enchantment or L'Auberge, I'd say the Enchantment. Although they do not start serving until 11:30, the Enchantment is a lovely vortex site, and the resort has plenty of class. L'Auberge is too small for the amount of people it attracts, but it's nice to sit outside next to the creek. Food/price being about equal, I prefer the out-of-the mainstream feel the Enchantment offers.

                        Also, you mention the Cafe Elote. Do yourself a favor and skip this. They have received a lot of press lately, and quite frankly, I haven't had a decent meal there since they were mentioned in a magazine. Last time we were there, they asked my daughter for her ID THREE times during the meal (I understand that she looks young, but she complied with the bartender's request when we ordered margaritas while waiting for our table. Asked again by the waitress (didn't she see the drink she was carrying to the table? And AGAIN by the manager, who threatened to call the police when we complained that he should ask the bartender and the waitress. Very rude.) The food arrived cold, unappealing. We brought guest from Germany with us and while they hadn't eaten southwestern food before, their dishes were so bad that, after tasting them, I had them returned to the kitchen. The crab enchilda was fishy and the corn tortillas were stone cold. I can not recommend this place any longer -- when it first opened it was great. But now, well I've had food at Cafe Jose (in the Safeway Shopping Center) that was far superior.

                        Also try the mexican food at the Coffee Pot -- they serve lunch as well as breakfast and it still is the best breakfast spot in Sedona.

                        The silver Saddle is OK, but too many vegetarians in our group to really enjoy that place. For a nice dining experience, try Red's at the Sedona Rogue, Rene's or Heartline Cafe (which also has a delicious breakfast menu).

                        I have been living/dining in Sedona for over 20 years.

                        301 L'Auberge Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

                        Cafe Jose Restaurant
                        2370 W State Route 89A Ste 1, Sedona, AZ 86336

                        Coffee Pot Restaurant
                        2050 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

                        Heartline Cafe
                        1610 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336