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Mar 25, 2008 03:45 PM

Sedona - Sunday late lunch/brunch, Enchantment or L'Auberge?

We're visiting Sedona for the first time this weekend. Plans are for lunch at Cafe Elote, dinner at Silver Saddle, and then a late Sunday lunch at either L'Auberge or the Enchantment Resort - any advice, or a different suggestion? We're new to this area so looking forward to any tips. Thanks!

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  1. Best lunch I have had in Sedona was at Rachel Ray's table next to Oak Creek at L'Auberge, wonderful two hour lunch.

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      L'Auberge's Sunday brunch is amazing. One of the best I've had. Smoked salmon, goat cheese omlettes, crab legs, short rib stew, great bubbly. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. Also an amazing setting right on Oak Creek. Don't miss it. I have not tried the Enchantment Resort.

    2. Rubee - it's been years since I've been to Sedona, and when I was there I didn't go to any of the restaurants you've mentioned. I do remember quite enjoying the patio at Rene at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Looks like there are some less than stellar recent reports though. As I said, it's been years, so I would look into recent reports. I also really enjoyed some of the health food/spa type places for simple breakfasts and sandwiches, but I'm not sure that would be up E's alley!

      I really enjoyed Sedona and took a lovely horseback ride through the area that was really fun. There are also many galleries worth looking into. I hope you have a good time!

      1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Cafe Elote is only open for dinner.

        1. Thanks everyone for all your help. Looks like brunch will be at L'Auberge.

          Thanks Janeh - although that's dissapointing, I'm glad that I didn't just show up for lunch, that would have been worse. I might have to try to change my plans around; I was really looking forward to Cafe Elote.

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            Here's an idea - maybe you can do everything. If you plan a late-ish dinner, Cafe Elote is a great spot for a 5 o'clock drink and appetizer with a sunset view from the patio.

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              L'Auberge is good but it doesn't hold a candle to Yavapai at Enchantment..
              The resort is gated so you won't be able to get in otherwise..
              The Red Rock views from your table outside or in is spectacular..that is why it is a 5*..
              Cafe Elote for drinks and app's will be perfect for you!

            2. Always enjoy Enchantment..was just there 2 weeks ago and it was fab..
              L'Auberge is quite good but you can't beat having brunch at the Yavapai restaurant at the Enchantment Resort.

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                I love L'Auberge and thought the service and the setting were terrific. Enchantment strikes me as trying a little too hard, but others may disagree.

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                  Don't get me wrong, I do love L'Auberge and the creek is running at full capacity right now..
                  Been to Yavapai 5-6 times for lunch/brunch and dinner and have always had a wonderful time and never felt that service was trying too hard at all..