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Mar 25, 2008 03:19 PM

Ladies who Lunch---recommendations, please

We get together once a month for lunch at an upscale and/or new place. So far we've been to Asenebo, Mozza pizzeria, La Cachette,and Paperfish. All'Angelo is next.

Welcome your suggestions.

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  1. I actually really enjoyed Comme Ca for lunch, which would probably fall into the category of newer places. It was not nearly as loud as it is for dinner, we were seated promptly, service was attentive, and the food was quite good.

    1. I really like outdoor seating for lunch. So I would recommend Joe's in Venice and Michael's in Santa Monica, both of which have lovely patios. Neither are new, but both are fairly upscale.

      1. A friend and I have been on a long time lunch rotation. Some recommendations--Providence, Spago, Michael's (as previously mentioned), Valentino, Patina, Chez, Mimi and Melisse. (not sure if they are still open for lunch). Sorry--none of these are new, but do qualify as upscale. Also enjoy Neiman Marcus, for the "ladies who lunch" feel of it!

        1. Chez Mimi
          Anglei caffe
          Ocean Seafood
          Second Providence
          Comme Ca
          Aun deli cafe in pasadena

          1. Craft has lunch Monday through Friday. I've only been at dinner but it's definitely upscale and you can actually talk there w/o loud music.

            Plus if the ladies also shop it's very close to Westfield Century City.