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Mar 25, 2008 02:50 PM

Kitchen cabinets-quote that almost gave me a heart attack!

So I just received a quote for my new kitchen cabinets - $38000!!!!!
I had to sit down for this one, just couldn't believe it. Are cabinets that expensive nowadays?
It's based on about 42 feet, cherry, most of top cabinets will have clear glass (french door type style). I didn't ask for anything unusual, they included a few of these pullout drawers and an appliance garage.
Please tell me if this sounds like what people charge out there. I am getting ready to call another cabinet maker, but in the meantime please give me your input.

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  1. Time to whip out the Ikea catalog??

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    1. re: Sarah

      We redid our kitchen a year ago in all Ikea. We went with glass doors, extra tall 40" wall cabinets, cherry doors (but laminate sides), and it was about $5000 uninstalled for our 15X15 kitchen, including the island. The installation was not fun but freed up money for our emerald pearl gorgeous granite that I love. So much. So very much.

      1. re: yamalam

        We did Ikea kitchen cabinets about five years ago and love them. We're getting ready to do a major remodel on a second home and there's no doubt we'll do Ikea again. Ours were less than yours but our kitchen is smaller and we didn't do as many bells and whistles as you did.

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          Since this thread got a bump, I thought I'd followup on our second Ikea kitchen. Love it even more - mainly, I guess cause it's a bigger kitchen. Our first one is not about seven years old and the only boo-boos are a couple of scrapes that I caused. And the good news is that for a small amount (I'm remembering $60?) I can replace a door panel. Here's a picture of the new one.

          ETA: Two things. One is that I just noticed that these photos show the kitchen before the trim pieces below the doors were added. Also this kitchen, and you're missing about six plus feet more of upper and lower cabinets cost $3K including the farm sink. Granted, we took advantage of a couple of sale promos but they offer those all the time.

    2. I did my kitchen in stock Merilat cabinets about 10 years ago in maple an I spent over $10000 . Mind you, at this price I got solid fronts and laninate sides, so If you are going with anything custom and solid wood throughout, you are probably in the right ballpark.

      1. We did a mixture of stock and custom cabinets in maple 3 years ago. All wood but the bases were thinner like 3/8" not 1/2" as I expected and was lead to believe. They were not solid maple but plywood with maple fronts. This I was aware of. The cost was only a little less than what you quoted for similar linear feet. It was nearly double what the quote was 5 years prior. They really look great but the instillation was not without incident. I know they did a lot to customize the stock cabinets but the cost of remodeling was a real shocker. The contractor we used was in line with prices we got from other contractors. Oh and beware of remodel creep. It's real scary and potentially dangerous your health and wallet

        1. Sounds about right for prices here. I assume that includes tear out for the old cabinets and installation of the new. No idea where you are but there are almost always local cabinet makers that are far more reasonable than the national brands and many are better quality to boot. Take your time and shop around. Have you considered re-facing? Add another 8k or so for granite plus new plumbing. Adds up quick. Id say average kitchen remodel is 50-60k.

          1. It's the Cherry that's killing ya. Check into Maple with a cherry stain.

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            1. re: Eric in NJ

              Agree- Just did a pretty sizeable kitchen in an expensive area. Got solid maple cabinets w/cherry stain. Cabinet costs were like $13K. Absolutely gorgeous.

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                CARIB! Woohoo!!!

                Sorry for the hijack...back to the regularly scheduled program.

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                  From what I have heard good maple is getting tough to find , driving costs way up.

                  1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

                    Good hardwood of any type is getting tough to find and prices on cherry, walnut, quarter sawn oak, hard maple, etc. are all very high right now and I doubt will decline any time soon. Cherry and Walnut are in many cases over $8 a board foot. We saved some money on our kitchen by using rift sawn oak rather than quartere sawn, which is also near $8. Fortunately the boxes are plywood with hardwood veneer, although that's gone up in price as well.