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May 13, 2002 11:14 PM

peking duck?

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I'm looking for the best peking duck in the monterey park area... I'm lost among the masses of restaurants. any suggestions?

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    Rowen Valarao

    Try Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra. They have the best duck in town. Been eating there since 1980. Also they have great BBQ fried rice....

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    1. re: Rowen Valarao

      Quanjude Beijing Duck, on Garvey and Rosemead 626-2802378, is a little on the out-skirts but it's a great place for a large group because the more people eat the more you get and for less money. They carve up the duck at yer table, you get duck bone soup, other non-duck dishes, and you can get webs, tongues, the works.

      I got there early once and this elderly chinese man yelled across the restaurant to me to be sure that I tried the duck brain. I promised I would and he added as further incentive that "it taste just like sperm". So there you go.

      1. re: Colin

        I'm curious, you say that they carve the duck tableside? I've been dining at Quan Jude twice a month for nearly four years and I've never seen that done even for for very large parties. Were you at a banquet?

        1. re: Creamfinger

          As someone who loved the previous incarnation of Quanjude, let me say that they used to bring the duck by the table whole, then take to to a platform in the middle of the restaurant, carve it there and then bring it back.
          The restaurant is a shade of what it once was BUT the duck is still fantastic. Make sure to order the kong xin bing to eat with the duck (round sesame cakes). Also, be aware that you won't get hoisin sauce for the duck but something similar, tian mian jiang, a sweetish paste.
          And the duck really is great.

          1. re: Jerome

            20 people get a private banquet room, with a free duck disection.
            So show up with some friends, grab the inflatible dummies from the passenger seats of your cars and have a feast.

            1. re: Jerome

              What happened to the Quanjude here?

              I've not eaten there yet - thanks for reminding me - but my father tells me it's a franchise of the original in Beijing.

              Here's a link to their site.


              1. re: Louisa Chu

                Quanjude was originally a branch, half owned by local investors and half owned by the PLA which owns the Beijing Quanjude. The Chinese investors pulled out a few years back. Then the locals started having trouble. The menu was geared too much (they said) to northern tastes and the local Chinese community/ties weren't patronizing the establishment. So they were going to close when another group took over. They kept the chef who oversaw the duck prep (and they have a special oven-hearth) and roasting, lost about half the dishes and now have items which Southern Chinese like for eating out and banquets like abalone and sharks fin soup.
                They also stopped serving the Ba-si ping-guo, the caramelized apple fritters which were amazing (also available in season with watermelon).

                But the duck is still great.

                1. re: Jerome

                  Thanks Jerome - that was very interesting. I just love restaurant soap operas - reminds me of home.

                  What does a duck cost these days?

                  I haven't had one out in a while - one of my cousin's restaurants made them and so I had my fill of them for a very long time.

                  Thanks again.