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Mar 25, 2008 02:15 PM

Great brisket that ships

I need some help brisket loving Chowhounds!! I want to ship great Texas brisket to my dad for his birthday. I need recommendations for fully cooked great tasting brisket. I know Salt lick and County line ship but are they any good? I am vegetarian so am not a good judge of good brisket----Help!!!
Thanks for your expertise!!!

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  1. I know Coopers in Llano does. They have a website.

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      I always wanted to go to Coopers but if President Johnson used them for their white house gatherings then they are worth it. Salt Lick I have always enjoyed.

    2. I haven't ordered from County Line, and Cooper's is one of my favorites, but...

      When I was out of range of Texas Style BBQ, My girlfriend got the Salt Lick shipped to me for my birthday. I got a full brisket ( with all the fat on it) , a full rack of ribs, and 2 pounds of sausage. When it comes in the mail, it is still cold and has to be reheated to 160 or 170 degrees. It can also be frozen to save for later. They throw in a bottle of sauce too. I had Salt Lick BBQ for weeks, and all I had to supply was the bread, crackers, pickles, and onions. It was great. I think it only cost about 100 bucks, shipping included. Salt Lick's shipping service comes highly recommended by Salt of the Earth,

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        AWESOME! Thanks for the say on the Salt Lick. Been wondering about this place for awhile now.

        1. Absolutely-positively Coopers. I did it once for everyone for Christmas, now they won't let me do anything else...guess that makes gift giving easy

          1. After visiting the restaurant a couple of summers ago and meeting the proprietor and touring the smokers in back, my dad ordered a brisket shipped from Rudy's (not the chain Ruby's) to highlight a dinner party in St. Louis. He reported that it worked out great.

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              did you mean Ruby's (not the chain Rudy's)? ruby's is the bbq joint on guadalupe and 29th or 30th, i forget.

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                Yep, that's the one. Thanks. Lick 'em, Horns!