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Mar 25, 2008 01:33 PM

Appetizers to serve with Zinfandel?

I'm having a wine tasting party and we will be tasting Zinfandel. Any suggestions on what I should serve for appetizers?

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  1. Blue cheese (or its different cousins) would go very well with a Zin.

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      I think a variety of cheese would work not just blue. I'm planning a large wine and cheese tasting with several zins and other varieties. I plan on a smoked mozzarella as one of the suggested cheeses for the Zins

      1. re: tastelikechicken

        I've found that "dry-aged jack" goes well with Zins. Many/most of the hard cheeses go well, too.

        You might want to think about something along the lines of short-ribs on toast points. The usual flavors and texture of many preps of short-ribs go nicely with Zins.


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        Blue cheese with Zin.

        Ugh, ack, ptui.

        I mean, I would disagree.

      3. Anything grilled especially barbecued ribs or lamb chop lollipops with a chevre garnish. I also like grilled shrimp wrapped in pancetta with a spicy bbq sauce to dip. Zin is a great appetizer wine with full flavored appetizers. Don't be bashful with the pepper mill.

        1. I like to grill spicy sausages and cut them into bit sized pieces to go with several cheeses.

          1. As for cheeses: Aged Cheddars (6 years and older), Chevre, roquefort, provolone val padana, and most especially, Parmesan Reggiano.

            Interestingly, a great zinfandel is one of the most interesting red wines "on it's own", IMO, but it has many great food / appetizer matches including:

            rich barbecues, grilled or roasted beef, turkey, pork.... it's a great match for "fast" foods like hamburgers and non-specific "pizza"...

            Get creative and serve grilled rib-eye steakburgers with parmesan shavings and a dollop of your favorite bbq sauce, for example... sublime with a great zin...

            Also, zinfandel handles outlier spices as well or better than most reds, IMO... which helps it match cuisines like moroccan that might not be a classic "red wine" match... whenever I see a classic red-wine ingredient (red meat for example), with unusual spices/seasonings, zinfandel is often a good bet...

            hope this helps, please report back on your tasting notes,.

            1. Tonight's my tasting. I expect ten tasters. I'll report back on how it went!

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                Zins also marry very well with most Mexican food.