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Mar 25, 2008 12:35 PM

Everything is Better Topped with an Egg

I find I'm rather obsessed with putting fried or poached eggs on top of everything lately to make a satisfying, quick meal. So far: polenta topped with fried egg, pasta with greens topped with a fried egg and white rice stir-fried with garlic and topped with a (yes) fried egg have all been delicious.

What else tastes good topped with an egg? Poached egg ideas appreciated too!

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  1. I was just contemplating the idea of adding a poached egg to the duck soup that I've made! The obvious dish to me is frisee aux lardons. I made a salad on Saturday with a creme fraiche/mayonnaise dressing, bottarga, and poached pheasant eggs - delicious. On that thread, someone posted about frying eggs on top of bread crumbs, but I've not quite figured out how that works:

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      It's from Zuni. It's been a while, and I'm too lazy to check the recipe, but essentially, you make coarse bread crumbs, saute with some olive oil and herbs, and when they start to color, fry the eggs on top. The trick, if I remember correctly, is getting the tempurature right so you get a nice crunchy crust but don't burn the breadcrumbs.

      When the eggs have finished cooking, add a teaspoon of balsamic to the hot pan, swirl it around, and top the egg with the sizzling vinegar.

      I'm pregnant, and have been eating eggs like crazy these days--thankfully I'm out of the first trimester when I would Have. To. Eat. An. Egg. Every. Single. Day. My favorite egg variations are 1) scrambled with delicious cheese (extra delicious when fried in a bit of bacon fat); 2) on top of kale salad--raw kale sliced extra thin with currants, a shallot, olive oil and red wine vinegar; 3) on top of grilled asparagus (topped with a bit of miso butter, as someone mentioned elsewhere on this thread).

    2. Chicken soup. Whisk in egg. Known as stracietella (sp?) in Italy.

      I was in Spain some years ago and it seemed like they put eggs on all sorts of things -- hamburgers, pizza.

      1. Rice and beans (Latin style, Indian style, whatever). It's really good!

        1. Fried potatoes. Re-heated mashed potatoes.

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            Agree! I just had re-heated mashed potatoes (with added cheese&onion) with a fried egg. Delicious.

          2. Hashes of all varieties, meatless, too. (Think Scandinavian pytt i panna.) Also, we've been enjoying poached or over-easy eggs atop mushroom risotto croquettes, sided by greens.