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Everything is Better Topped with an Egg

I find I'm rather obsessed with putting fried or poached eggs on top of everything lately to make a satisfying, quick meal. So far: polenta topped with fried egg, pasta with greens topped with a fried egg and white rice stir-fried with garlic and topped with a (yes) fried egg have all been delicious.

What else tastes good topped with an egg? Poached egg ideas appreciated too!

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  1. I was just contemplating the idea of adding a poached egg to the duck soup that I've made! The obvious dish to me is frisee aux lardons. I made a salad on Saturday with a creme fraiche/mayonnaise dressing, bottarga, and poached pheasant eggs - delicious. On that thread, someone posted about frying eggs on top of bread crumbs, but I've not quite figured out how that works:


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      It's from Zuni. It's been a while, and I'm too lazy to check the recipe, but essentially, you make coarse bread crumbs, saute with some olive oil and herbs, and when they start to color, fry the eggs on top. The trick, if I remember correctly, is getting the tempurature right so you get a nice crunchy crust but don't burn the breadcrumbs.

      When the eggs have finished cooking, add a teaspoon of balsamic to the hot pan, swirl it around, and top the egg with the sizzling vinegar.

      I'm pregnant, and have been eating eggs like crazy these days--thankfully I'm out of the first trimester when I would Have. To. Eat. An. Egg. Every. Single. Day. My favorite egg variations are 1) scrambled with delicious cheese (extra delicious when fried in a bit of bacon fat); 2) on top of kale salad--raw kale sliced extra thin with currants, a shallot, olive oil and red wine vinegar; 3) on top of grilled asparagus (topped with a bit of miso butter, as someone mentioned elsewhere on this thread).

    2. Chicken soup. Whisk in egg. Known as stracietella (sp?) in Italy.

      I was in Spain some years ago and it seemed like they put eggs on all sorts of things -- hamburgers, pizza.

      1. Rice and beans (Latin style, Indian style, whatever). It's really good!

        1. Fried potatoes. Re-heated mashed potatoes.

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            Agree! I just had re-heated mashed potatoes (with added cheese&onion) with a fried egg. Delicious.

          2. Hashes of all varieties, meatless, too. (Think Scandinavian pytt i panna.) Also, we've been enjoying poached or over-easy eggs atop mushroom risotto croquettes, sided by greens.


            1. I've made:
              Asian slaw with assorted vegetables & sprouts, on Italian toasted & buttered bread, topped with a poached egg.
              Sounds gross. Tastes great.

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                That reminds me of another dish - toasted bread with fontina cheese and truffle oil, with a poached egg on top.

              2. Biscuits and sausage gravy or waffles with chicken gravy are naturals for a poached egg topping.

                1. Croque madames are excellent vehicles for eggs, as are the similar eggs in a basket, best with sourdough. And I have a secret love, from my childhood, for the Rice-a-Roni stir-fry flavor with a fried egg on top.

                  1. Chowhound's Recipes has an Asparagus with miso sauce topped with a poached egg. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds intriguing.

                      1. Surprisingly, burgers are great with the addition of a fried egg. Add lettuce, onion, cheese and beet with some ketchup and you have yourself a hearty Aussie burger.

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                          I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that there is little that can't be improved by a fried or poached egg!

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                            Actually, I've found that one should never add a fried egg to a bowl of chili.

                        2. Offhand, I'd say damn near anything but dessert! Unless, like me, you consider a third helping of mashed potatoes and gravy to be "dessert."

                          I made colcannon with the leftover potatoes and cabbage from our St. Patrick's Day supper - chopped everything up with a ring chopper (looks like a heavy-duty biscuit cutter with sharp teeth) and then a few wallops with the wire masher. Formed it into cakes and chilled them wrapped in waxed paper, then had one with an egg on top for two successive (and successful!) lunches.

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                            The link posted by Chowser reveals a 'hound's birthday treat - fried egg on chocolate cake! I do actually have a secret vice (well, one of many), which is a fried egg on toast w/ strawberry jam. There is something about those flavors, which, although it sounds (and looks) disgusting, is marvelous.

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                              MM, try your vice with good marmalade. The egg loooves the orange flavor. And no, it does not sound disgusting. You've named my breakfast dish for tomorrow! (Orange marmalade is also delicious - in moderation - with good parm in an omelette.)


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                                Hmm - I will try that - I love orange marmelade ....

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                                  There's a nice jar of Dundee in the pantry just waiting for tomorrow morning. I forgot about the strawberry jam in the fridge...
                                  Decisions, decisions.

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                                  Make the bread a slice of toasted rustic loaf or sourdough and I am there! One of my real cravings while low-carbing...

                            2. I thing you're right, any number of things would be better with an egg on top. My regular weeknight dinner is a big salad with a poached or fried egg. A slice of homemade bread, a glass of wine and I'm set.

                              1. Don't forget about huevos rancheros. I like to heat some refried beans (or TJ's bean dip), spread it on corn tortillas heated in a cast iron pan, then top with eggs poached in salsa (just at the end of poaching, add cheese to the top and cover til it melts).

                                1. Ice cream! Just kidding, though I bet some sort of gourmet ice cream (think bacon) could withstand an egg.

                                  Fried polenta with an egg is supreme! Right up there with mac n cheese.

                                  Can't believe no ones' mentioned corned beef hash with an egg set in it. Super duper.

                                  Some pizzas get cooked with an egg cracked onto them.

                                  1. Chunky chips (or whatever they are called in the US - fat fries?) topped with crisp-bottomed fried (in oil) eggs. (I sprinkle the pan with flour to help the eggs crisp without them overcooking)
                                    And my fave comfort food - smooth mashed potatoes mixed with petit pois topped with 2 lightly fried (in butter) eggs, served in a deep bowl.
                                    Note that's eggs, not egg. One is never enough.

                                    1. Funny I was just about to get up the make some New Mexico style stacked enchiladas. They typically have a fried egg on top. At our favorite restaurant, you knew your enchies were almost done when one could hear the sound of the egg sizzling in the hot fat. My dad made great fried egg sandwiches Sun. night and I still get a hankering for a Taylor pork roll w/ a fried egg on a Kaiser roll(with ketchup). In Norway a fried egg on a hamburger is common as it is in Bolivia on a rice dish called majadito. The Swedes and Finns put an egg on top of a fried potato and sausage dish, putti pano. The egg, God's first protein pill.

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                                        There is a latin restaurant in Toronto, I cant remember the name of the dish or the restaurant unfortunately but it goes something like this:

                                        French Fries on a huge platter,
                                        Breaded veal on top
                                        Slice of Ham
                                        Sliced tomatoes
                                        Heart of Palm
                                        Ketchup mixed with Mayo to make a pink sauce
                                        Other stuff?
                                        And of course, a greasy fried egg on top. I wasnt able to finish my plate. Its like a real mess on a plate. If anyone knows what this dish is called or specific nationality of it I would really appreciate it!

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                                          To me that sounds like a version of Uruguayan chivito....It can be served platter style (like yours) or a sandwich. Primary components are a steak topped with ham/bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Everything else is just a bonus!

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                                            It definitely was Uruguayan....so that must be it! Thanks so much Sunnidae! Now Ill just have to figure out the name of the restaurant....

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                                            "Lomo montado" can be either a steak or breaded steak with fried egg on top. Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay.

                                        2. Mmmm. This post reminds me of the scene in Spanglish where Adam Sandler makes that sandwich dripping with egg goodness. I have dreams about that sandwich.

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                                          1. I like soba noodles with some fish sauce, lime juice and chili paste topped with a poached egg (if the noodles are really hot, I'll sometimes just crack on a room temperature raw egg)... everything posted so far sounds delicious!

                                            1. Spinach Stew with an egg poached on top. Yum!

                                              1. Oliverstreet, have you tried Aida Mollenkamp's recipe for Wilted Greens with Balsamic Fried Eggs?


                                                I've made it about a dozen times, with lots of variations. (I always add onion, and I never wilt my greens - arugula.)

                                                Last night - with sliced smoked duck w/ black cherry jam heated up as a dipping sauce for the duck.

                                                1. I've put a fried egg on top of a bowl of oatmeal, on top of a waffle, on top of brown rice, and on top of left over pasta!

                                                  1. Eggs and tomato are a great combination. My favorite is poached egg on top of ratatouille so that the egg yolk runs into the tomato liquid and thickens it as you eat - fantastic! I had a spanish dish once that was an egg "poached" in a spicy tomato sauce, maybe it was a spanish version of this.

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                                                      This reminds me of the Italian dish, Uovo in Purgatorio....eggs in purgatory. Yummmmm!

                                                    2. sauteed artichoke hearts
                                                      raisin toast
                                                      toast with sliced avocado on top (I love avocado + egg together, esp with bacon in an omelette)
                                                      pizza made with a little olive oil on crust, then thinly sliced onion, crumbled cooked bacon, and parm and pecorino (or whatever white cheese); top with an egg a couple of minutes before it comes out of the oven; sprinkle with a little thyme

                                                      1. At a restaurant near my house, Canele', they have created an amazing appetizer with a fried egg on top. The recipe has yet to be published, but the soux chef told me about how to make it and I have replicated it fairly well at home. It takes some prep but is well worth the effort.

                                                        Slow roast tomatoes in the oven with your favorite spices (I use salt, pepper and thyme)

                                                        Boil cubed potatoes until soft (nice big chuncks)

                                                        Saute loose chorizo until just cooked.

                                                        Toss the potatoes, tomatoes and chorizo together in a bowl, with salt, pepper and whatever spices you might like (here I add a little cumin). Place the mixture in individual baking dishes (I bought Cazuelas from Amazon specifically for this). Crack an egg on top of the mixture and put it under the broiler until the egg has cooked and the mixture is hot. Wow. This rocks.

                                                        I'm in complete agreement on the egg issue, btw. Eggs are just about the perfect food, IMHO.

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                                                          This sounds great! And it presents a lot of possibilities, too.

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                                                            I've made the infamous Spanglish BLT sandwich and the egg perfectly puts it together. Has to be one of all time favorite sandwiches though only safely eaten a few times a year =)
                                                            Eggs over hamburgers/chili burgers is a great addition. Eggs over oven roasted asparagus, eggs over fried rice, and eggs over pasta to name a few more.

                                                            1. re: yayadave

                                                              I think I just discovered whats for dinner tonight

                                                              Thank you Tom P!

                                                              1. re: Cookiefiend

                                                                Cool! Let me know how it turned out.

                                                                1. re: Tom P

                                                                  It does rock!

                                                                  I made a few changes - sun dried tomatoes instead of roasted and toasted bread cubes instead of potatoes, added a bit of Monterey Jack cheese, minced sweet red pepper and a jalapeno... I hope you don't mind ;-)

                                                                  When I took them out of the over, I topped them with a sprinkle of cilantro and served them with an avocado salad.

                                                                  Fabulous, and a wonderful dinner on this coolish rainy night.
                                                                  Thanks so much for sharing and tell the chef at Canele, "Bravo!"

                                                          2. i used to make a ridiculously garlicky garlic soup with sausage and basil and thickened with bread that was fantastic with a poached egg on top

                                                            maybe its time to make that again

                                                            1. All this talk and not one mention of noodles? Whether instant or otherwise, a bowl of steaming noodles with all that fragrant broth and an egg cracked over the top is comfort in a bowl. When I was little, my favourite was the tom yum instant noodles with a cracked egg - haven't had it in a while but can't imagine that it tastes any worse than I remember.

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                                                                Yes! Ramen noodles with a little bit of butter stirred in and an egg cracked on top. I think I just might have that for lunch today.

                                                              2. Yum! I've been into this too! Monday night I reheated some leftover ham from Easter, made some homemade croutons and a fresh dijon dressing with shallot, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Tossed it all with some greens and fresh grated gruyere all topped off with a poached egg. Delish!

                                                                1. Oh, another idea I got from brainstorming w/ other chowhounds--crack eggs into sausage gravy (for biscuits and gravy), simmer on stove or pop in oven for a few minutes. They end up perfectly poached, each egg in its own pocket, runny on the inside.

                                                                  1. My favorite is:

                                                                    a slice of sourdough bread toasted and buttered
                                                                    a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top of the bread
                                                                    a smoked pork chop, nicely browned on top of the cheese

                                                                    2 eggs, fried over easy in the same pan as the smoked pork chop with a bit of butter to prevent sticking, placed on top of the smoked pork chop.

                                                                    Small green salad with a dijon mustard vinegret, lovely glass of pinot noir, knife and fork.


                                                                    1. -mmm polenta and eggs! i do a grilled polenta topped with roasted asparagus and a fried or poached egg. so yummy. plates gorgeously, too.
                                                                      -i also will poach an egg in my ramen broth to serve with the noodle soup.
                                                                      -korean bibimbop!!!
                                                                      -i've done a curry and instead of adding meat, you soft-boil some eggs (or poach) and cut in half and stir into the curry just before serving. tasty!
                                                                      -steak and eggs! or leftover steak sliced thin with fried egg and reheated potatoes!
                                                                      -eggs benny (recent fave: with sun dried tomatoes and asiago on focaccia)
                                                                      -a fried egg on rice is a staple for me (mustard greens or spinach often added)
                                                                      -i reheat mashed/smashed potatoes by scooping them into patties and frying them up with a fried egg on the side
                                                                      -on sauteed cabbage with salt and pepper and garlic

                                                                      one of our fave breakfast spots in town will add an extra egg for free if you request it!

                                                                      1. Try a runny fried egg on top of Kasha, it's really good!

                                                                        1. oh i forgot... if i have leftover kasha i like it for breakfast with an egg on top

                                                                          1. Put fried eggs on top of cold soba with green onions, sesame oil, and kimchee for dinner last night. Was so good.

                                                                            1. Boil up a can of stewed tomatos, heavy salt and pepper, and slide an egg in to poach. Cover and simmer til egg is done...crusty bread....that's it!

                                                                              1. Two of my light and quick dinners for one are:
                                                                                fried egg on top of roasted asparagus with a little parmasean cheese.
                                                                                egg fried in pan in which a little chopped shallot or onion has been cooked, served slightly mixed into a bowl of pasta with parmasean cheese. Easy and delich,

                                                                                1. I make curried potatoes and top with sliced boiled egg, though I'd guess that any type of egg would do.

                                                                                  1. Rice topped with soft scrambled eggs, soy sauce, and seaweed furikake sprinkled on top.

                                                                                    Also, I made a curry of mustard greens recently with a poached egg on top. Very good! Rich and satisfying.

                                                                                    1. i will put a fried egg on anything! especially leftover rice (as my grandfather would.)

                                                                                      also he loved to poach an egg in his soup.

                                                                                      dont forget yummy stuff like chilaquiles are a great strata for eggs too!

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                                                                                        I just had that for lunch -- leftover rice topped off with a sunnyside up egg covered with tamari, sesame oil and sriracha!

                                                                                        1. re: Miss Needle

                                                                                          Korean sticky rice mixed with egg, salt, pepper, and some of those minced Korean pickles. Slightly mashed and formed into patties then fried in sesame oil to a very light crisp on both sides. Top with sunnyside up or over easy. And fresh kimchi of course.
                                                                                          Rice "cake" for breakfast.

                                                                                      2. I know that you come to Bloomington frequently, and eat at Tallent. Chef Dave currently has a frisee salad on the menu with bacon and a poached duck egg that is outstanding.