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Best Morning Pint

So, I went out to the Elephant & Castle this morning for breakfast and to catch the sox game, and I thought that bars in MA aren't allowed to start serving beer until 8am. Well, they didn't start serving until 11am.
Then, I heard from a friend who was at the Cask n' Flaggon, and he said that they weren't going to serve any beer until the game ended.

Well, it's been a long time since I was going out for pints before noon on a weekday...too long. But was this just an initiative by Menino for the sox opener so that things didn't get out of hand? (I remember reading that bars around fenway had been threatened during the playoffs last year that they'd be held responsible for the bad behavior of thier customers)

Anyway, where can a respectable person go out to grab a beer with breakfast these days? For some reason, I thought that JJ foley's was an option, but they don't open until 10am. Does the Sligo still open at 8am?

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  1. Maybe one of the few remaining gentlemen's clubs down along Washington Street? I wouldn't know, of course, but I'm thinking they might be open early in the morning.

    1. The Cantab starts serving bright and early, I believe at 8am.

      Edit: According to citysearch, cantab is open at 8.

      1. Eastern standard opens @ 7 for breakfast and you can get an ice cold beer @ 8am

        1. Yes, I think it was a special deal for game day. Bars got to open at 5 or 6 am but couldn't serve alcohol till after the game.

          1. Pete's Pub (Durty Nelly's) by the Haymarket opens at 8:00, as does The Corner Cafe on Prince Street in the North End.

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              I've been going to the marathon day game for years and bars around Fenway are always serving when I get there, usually around 9am.

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                How did I know that you were going to chime in with those 2? ;)

              2. I think the earliest opening in the South End must be J.J. Foley's Cafe at 11am; it still draws workers from the Herald, the Gillette plant, and the Boston public safety departments. Back in rougher times, when the neighborhood was full of boarding houses, The Franklin used to open up at 6am and do a brisk shot-and-beer trade. No more, of course: they don't even open for lunch. Some of the local hard cases used to line up outside the Waltham Tavern for its 10am opening (it poured the earliest and cheapest beer in the neighborhood), but it sold more than alcohol, and the DEA shut it down for good: condos going in there now. (N.B.: per CitySearch, the downtown Foley's opens at 8am every day.)

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                  Flash's and the place that was next door..My Brother's Place..? used to serve very early...8 AM or earlier.

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                    the old "Flash's Snack and Soda" didn't serve beer did it? Now that it's become a fern bar (but pretty good) it doesn't open until 11:30.

                    Sadly, My Brother's Place has been closed for years now. They didn't serve food ... but you wouldn't have wanted to eat it anyway.

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                      My Brother's Place had a huge menu posted with dozens of different (crappy sounding) sandwiches. Maybe that was just for show, I never stayed long enough in there to find out. I know it must have sentimental resonance with a lot of people but sheesh, what a flippin' dump.

                      I never knew the 'old' Flash's and couldn't imagine it (in its current incarnation) being the type of place that would open early. Flash's isn't a bad place once you get over the bartenders not knowing what a daiquiri is (I kid you not).

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                        I worked across the street in the mid 1980's. Flash's was "Flash's Snack and Soda," a dingy cafeteria where I would eat a grilled cheese when I was depressed or having a bad day. Next door was a bar/restaurant called "Richard's," our after work hangout.

                        A few doors away was My Brother's, and I confess that I probably never set foot in the place without being pretty intoxicated. I'm sure I saw the menu at some point but probably was so shocked that food was being prepared and served there that I put it out of my mind.

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                        I think I'm confusing "old Flash's" with Richard's..just remember 2 places over there.

                        I have no 8 AM experience at either..:) but I knew people who worked graveyard shift and would stop in for a few after work..at 8 ish.

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                      Wow, thanks.
                      So, citysearch says the downtown foley's is open at 8? Crap, someone on Yelp said that they open at 10am, and I never bothered to fact check. My own fault.

                    3. Not the best pint by any means (actually I don't think they even have pints glasses) but Pour House is open at 8.

                      1. The Clock Tavern in Southie opens at 8. It's the difference between a tavern license (can open at 8 but has to close at 12) and a regular license (10 or 11 until 1 or 2)

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                          Pete's and the Corner Cafe both open early and close at 2:00.