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Mar 25, 2008 12:05 PM

nice restaurant in OC for a first date?

what's a good place to go to in OC for a first date? I was thinking about Habana's at The Lab. But it's too loud in there. Anyone have any suggestions? My brother has a date tonight and asked me for suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. He could try Old Vine Cafe, across the street from the LAB. It's very small and quiet, with some great small plates to share.
    Mesa would also be another option, but the reviews have been mixed on this board.

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      Mesa, I think is really quite nice. Sure not everything on the menu is terrific, but most things are very good. The atmosphere is very cool, and the service is great.

      A totally different kink of place with great food, good service and a very pleasant patio (if the weather is warm) is Sage in Eastbluff. Always dependable, and on a weeknight should be quiet.

    2. Just down the street is Onotria for some fusion-y Italian.

      Onotria Restaurant
      2831 Bristol St Ste A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

      1. Hmmm, you should provide us with some thoughts as to type of food preferred, price range, location etc. But in the absence of anything else, how about Britta's Cafe, in the UCI Marketplace ?

        Or, there's Sage at Eastbluff:

        1. What about The Bungalow, on PCH?

          They have a courtyard out back, with a fireplace. Could also pop into Crow Bar next door afterwards for a drink.

          Also recommend Sage.