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Mar 25, 2008 11:57 AM

Nightly Dining Specials in Raleigh NC

Hey All
I was thinking about how 518 West does the 1/2 price bottles of wine on Monday nights and thought it would be great to compile a list of all of the nightly specials in Raleigh. Here is where you come in with your generous foodie knowledge of the area. I am looking to include 1/2 off Specials, BOGOs, Live Music... basically anything that might be an extra incentive to head out to eat for the evening rather that cook in. Can't wait to hear your deals!!

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  1. Is Nelson's in Cameron Village still open? I haven't been in months, but they have/had $5 appetizers until 7 pm in the bar.

    Sullivans also has appetizer specials and drink specials on different nights of the week

    Midtowne Restaurant at North Hills have/had appetizers like $5 @ 5:00 or $6 @ 6:00 appetizer specials

    I'd love to hear more suggestions! Please keep 'em coming!

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      I know Sue Stock had something about Nelson's possibly going back to Fosters in her N&O column... I think she said they are only open a few evenings a week.

      Anyone else have deals to share???

    2. Bentley's, at Crossroads in Cary, has M-F evening appetizers for $5. I like the portobello mushroom, and the crabcake. My husband likes the Ahi tuna, and the lambchops (3!).

      Bentley's also has drink specials on several evenings, M-F, I think, but, my favorite is Wednesday. All by-the-glass wines, and wine-flights, are $5. Sonoma Cutrer for $5/glass is a great price!

      The bar staff people are great, too. They remember regulars by drink and/or name. Very comfortable place to go. Nice, live, music on some nights.


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        GG, what type of resturant is Bentley's (atmosphere/cuisine/etc)? I've never heard of it before. I have a friend on that side of Raleigh, and I am always trying to figure out where to meet her. Thanks!

        1. re: Tehama

          Pleasant, dim-lighting, sort of elegant, club-like, great place to meet friends for a drink and appetizers. Convenient location for Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex/ Holly Springs/ Fuquay, etc. at Crossroads Plaza.

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            YUM! I can't wait to try it out :)

      2. Riviera does a Date Night special on Tuesdays -- 3 courses and wine for $50/couple. They also have 1/2 price bottles of wine on Mondays. I've enjoyed their food on other nights, but haven't tried the Tuesday night special yet.

        1. While not in Raleigh, Acme in Carrboro has all entrees for $12.95 on tues. Sometimes I am blown away by them. sometimes I think, hmmm...didn't knock my socks off, but it was okay. for $12.95, feel free to experiment!

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