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Mar 25, 2008 11:47 AM

OPEN Restaurant is opening 3/28 ... the dinner as the performance?

When I saw this in the Places list, I thought someone made a mistake with the name.

What do people know about this? It is IMPOSSIBLE to Google on that name.

From the website ...

"the restaurant experience as a whole, its life, becomes the medium for artistic expression."

One small part ...

"The addition of tiered seats will frame the space as a theater where one can see a pig being butchered, cases of beets being delivered, glasses being washed, how much wine is being consumed and how much ingredients cost."

The two people running this are Sam White (described as is a street artist who works as a host and bartender at Chez Panisse) and Jerome Waag (a performance artist who works as a chef at Chez Panisse)

The first event is this Friday ... a three course dinner ($35) about soil, with the participation of Laura Parker, Tairwa’-Knoll Farms and Cannard Farms.

There are two seatings: 6:00/6:30 and 8:00/8:30 pm by reservation with extra seating at the bar from 6:00 to midnight for beer, wine.

Link to website is on the place record.

1246 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

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  1. I think that I might wait for reviews, before rushing to the new "Open."

    "Behind-the-scenes," in any industry, can be uninviting...with slaughter and dishwashing, it's practically guaranteed. There are, also, people who contend that anytime an eatery puts emphasis on the visual (beautiful views, etc.), the quality of the food will be sacrificed.

    However, it may turn out to be a great experience. I'd not heard of it, and I curious to hear more.

    1. OPEN is not a new restaurant, it's a performance at New Langton Arts, and both evenings are already sold out.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yes, but that link says ...

        "The restaurant will be open once a month at New Langton Arts and take different forms depending on the projects involved"

      2. How about Rush tickets??