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Mar 25, 2008 11:15 AM

Dinner options near Cumberland Mall in Atlanta

My wife and I will be driving over to Atlanta from Birmingham in early May to attend a concert at the Cobb Energy Centre, which I understand is quite close to Cumberland Mall.

The concert starts at 8, so our plan is to arrive in the area in time to have dinner about 6. We enjoy just about every type of food, and are comfortable eating anywhere from a little store-front to a temple of haute cuisine; all we ask is that there be clear evidence of someone who knows what they're doing in the kitchen.

We have only two broad restrictions in choosing a restaurant for this dinner: (1) We'd prefer not to be too far away from the concert venue (within 5 miles or so), and (2) we don't want anyplace too fancy or expensive. We've had two suggestions so far: SoHo and Vinings Inn.

We'd really appreciate receiving comments on these two places as well as any other suggestions anyone has.

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  1. Canoe is another restaurant in the Vinings area (very close to the Energy Centre). New-fangled Southern cooking. I'd pick Canoe over SoHo. Haven't been to the Vinings Inn, but I've heard it's very quaint and charming.

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      Thanks, DeeCee, but based on comments in another thread, I think we've about settled on Tasty China in Marietta. In fact, it sounds so inviting that we wish we were going over there sooner.