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Mar 25, 2008 10:58 AM

Asian/Oriental/Chinese grocery in MontCo?

Looking for good Chinese grocery stores in Montco... I know about ASSI in Montgomeryville but they're mostly Korean... Any suggestions?

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  1. There's a very large Asian supermarket at the intersection of Old York Road and Cheltenham Avenue. Very large produce section, fresh fish and lots of asian groceries plus some regular stuff.

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    1. re: Beulah

      Can places like this sell Chinese rice wine? I'm guessing not (PLCB), but am curious if anyone has checked.

      1. re: Bob Loblaw

        If you're talking about rice wine used for cooking, yes supermarkets can sell those products. Rice wine for cooking has salt added to make it unpalatable for drinking, and I believe it has less alcohol. Think of it like the "marsala" etc. cooking wine you'd find in regular supermarkets.

        Although it's true Assi is Korean focussed, it also has a larger selection of Chinese products than I can find in Chinatown.

    2. There is a good asian market on township line rd. in east norriton, where township line meets rt.202. They have a nice produce section, fresh fish and a large selection of groceries.

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      1. re: fanofood

        Its called Sae Han. There is an assortment of all Asian products and it is about the largest Asian market I know in the Delaware Valley.

        1. re: Chefpaulo

          You make a lot of very odd posts. I frequent Sae Han, it's a great shop for some items but very very small. The smallest Oriental grocery in the Delaware valley.

          But Sae Han is very convenient and their prepared food is wonderful. They do full Korean catering out of the back and make great mandu! The produce section is awful but the meats are good. Stay away from the fish!

      2. hmm... Are there many things particular to Chinese cuisine that you can't find at a more general Asian grocery? Because, as Beulah mentioned, Han Ah Reum is a good Asian market. It is Korean owned and focused, but I've noticed a pretty good selection of Chinese packaged goods (noodles and the like) and sauces.

        1. well i know montco is a big and weirdly shaped place, but when i lived in conshy i used to do much of my grocery shopping at a place on butler pike (i think that was it... i'm forgetting my roads now!)... it was next to a laundromat in a standalone building, i don't remember if it had a name or not... not a huge place, but wonderful produce, a decent asian food selection, and soooooo inexpensive! this is probably a good place to supplement your cabinet; i'm not sure if they'd have enough selection to start stocking an asian cabinet from scratch but it might be worth your checking out if anything for the produce.

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            There's an Asian Market on Township Line Road near the Giant Supermarket in Blue Bell.

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              I believe it is Young's produce...yes, on Butler Pike..about 1700 Butler, across from the Wawa. Not an Asian Supermarket by any means, more of a produce market with an expanded selection of asian sauces, oils, and the like. There's also a selection of dried fruits, nuts, cheeses, some off the beaten path yogurt brands, hummus (think Sabra brand), kimchee..among other varied items...

              1. re: rabidog

                You're thinking of Young's which is a produce market. They have a few prepared items. Their kimchi is really bad. But their produce is great. Also the nail salon next door is wonderful.

              2. I just went to Assi for the first time last week and was blown away. Yes, it is Korean owned but I found every imaginable product from every Asian nation plus a huge Latino section. I take back what I said about Sae Han. There's no comparison. Assi is overwhelming and has the best prices anywhere, including the sushi grade fish.

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                1. re: Chefpaulo

                  When I'm too lazy to trek to Washington Avenue, I go to Sae Han off of Rte. 202 or H Mart in Upper Darby. Both are Korean-focused, but I make do. Has anyone tried the fresh fish at Sae Han? The headed shrimp were pretty tasty for around $5/lb.

                  Also, where is Assi located??

                  1. re: FoolForFood

                    Assi is in their own shopping center on Welsh Road (route 63). The location is west of Dekalb Pike (route 202) and east of North Wales Road.

                    1. re: nevets

                      Assi is in what used to be a Superfresh. Assi is in the same shopping center as a Hollywood Video and Lai Lai's second restaurant, and there is a new Korean BBQ restaurant going in there as well.

                      1. re: cwdonald

                        I went to Assi a selection of Asian items. The produce prices were very good...cantaloupe $1.49, zucchini .69, gala apples .79. Their seafood selection was very looking fish I have seen...other than going down Reading Terminal. Had my did not get the time I wanted to look slowly...but will be back for sure.