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Mar 25, 2008 10:54 AM

3 Wine Biz Girlies Looking for Great Bar in the Marina Area

We have all been in the wine business for years and have eaten our ways through, France, Italy and Spain as well as our own areas of Los Angeles and Chicago all with amazing wines but we have two days to get our "Bar on" in San Francisco. We are looking for casual bars with good grub but nothing fancy....think really good fried food and good cocktails. We are staying in the Marina area and arriving around 10pm Saturday night, (will anthing be happening that late?) and are looking for wicked good Bloody Mary's for Sunday morning as well as a cool spot to have drinks in the afternoon....any places with a good Champagne list would be awesome but we are fine with Martinis too. We are not going to have a car but would be willing to take a cab to a cool where would you spend the afternoon laughing alot and likely drinking a touch to much while nibbling on not fancy food?

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  1. East Side West has a great Happy Hour and a wonderful Bloody Mary. If you go there you can also grab a great burger across the street at the Balboa Cafe. Sit at the bar instead of a table the service is usually better.

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    1. Balboa Cafe is great for cocktails. One of the best margaritas in town and a fine bloody mary come morning. Trust me when I say there will be an option in any direction in the Marina that will go till 2 am, especially Chestnut and Union Streets. Horseshow Tavern, The Mauna Loa, Liverpool Lil's, and Perry's are all good casual options.

      1. If it's sunny out the back patio at Bin 48 is awesome. Not divey, but gets lots of sun, and would have great champers options.
        For good list at a more casual spot Jones on Lombard is awesome, great selection of spirits, wines, etc., AWESOME mac and cheese, burger, etc., as well as more expensive food.
        For not fancy the Horseshoe is your spot.
        For Bloody Mary I'd guess the triangle - City Tavern, Balboa, Eastside West. Eastside West also has a great cocktail called the Hemingway, ask them to add a champagne floater.
        As wine biz girls you might also like to grab a glass of vino at Laiola, the new Spanish tapas place across from the 'Shoe.
        Have fun!

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          You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the tips, everything sounds great and we cant wait.

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            Bin 38

            Eastside West
            3154 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123

            Bin 38
            3232 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA 94123