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Mar 25, 2008 10:46 AM

Best meals under $25 (including tip)?

I'm travelling to NYC in a business trip for 3 days and my company only allows me to pay $25 per meal, (breakfast, lunch or dinner), including tip. Which would be the best options that you can recomend? (Any kind of cuisine) Thank you!

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  1. Can you be more specific about what you might want to eat? there are plenty of options. Also, would your company let you spend $5 on Lunch and breakfast and then spend the rest on dinner or does it need to be split $25 per meal?

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      Also, will you be focused on a particular part of town - for lunch and breakfast, at least.

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        1. In fact, I will be working in the Rockefeller Center area, but if the option is really good, I can move further.
        2. I was thinking in some italian food, but I would really appreciate is some tips about the food that I can't leave NY without giving a try to.
        3. Unfortunately, it must be split $25 per meal. (I really can't understand why!)

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          For breakfast, I would go (and I know I recommend this all the time) up to Bottega del Vino on 59th St. for some of the best espresso/cappuccino (sp?) around - that, a breakfast panini and an orange juice will certainly run up your breakfast tab, but you'll certainly be under $25. If it is nice out, they have little tables outside. Another option a little north of where you are is Fika - Scandinavian sandwiches and great coffee.

          Shake Shack is also a good choice as mentioned below, and you might be able to make it out of Stand for that amount - also good hamburgers, microbrews on tap and that terrific toasted marshmallow milkshake - both of those would have to be for dinner though, I think.

          Bottega Del Vino
          7 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022

          41 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

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            Italian food at that price - the first place I thought of was Patsy's Pizzeria, though it isn't convenient for you: 1st Av. between 117th and 118th Sts. (you could hop the 6 train up Lexington and walk from 116th St.). You can have a sit-down lunch there. Two pizzas plus a salad per multiple of 2 people, and you'll be full and happy!

            Chinatown is an easy place to get meals as cheap or cheaper than $25 for any meal. Just look at almost any Chinatown recommendation (search for "Chinatown"). Take the D to Grand Street for the best connection to Chinatown (the trip will take about 20 minutes or so).

            If you like Korean food, Han Bat (35th between 5th and 6th) is a good deal and will come in well under $25/person for any meal (open 24 hours). Their specialty is Hyaemul Dolsot Bibimbap (mixed seafood mixed-rice in a hot stone bowl - you mix it around and complete the cooking process). They provide each table with 6 little dishes of banchan gratis with your meal, and if you finish them, they will give you free refills.

            You aren't so far away from Curry Hill, so if you like South Indian food, consider having breakfast or lunch (in particular) at Saravanaas, 26th St. and Lexington (take the 6 train a few stops or take the bus down Lexington). Madrasi cuisine features pancakes (dosai, utthapams, et al.) and other starchy things (idli, medu vadha), some stuffed, and served with spicy chutneys, sambhars, etc. Note that this is a vegetarian restaurant.

      2. YOU MUST try Cafe Habana (17 Prince Street @ Elizabeth).
        Try a cuban sandwich and the corn on the cobb. You wont be dissapointed.

        Another prefect place for your budget is Otto (5th Avenue at 8th Street). One of Batali's restaurants. Everything is delicious, especially the pizza and small plates and pizza so thin you can cut yourself with it!

        If you like dumplings for a quick snack or a meal if you order them with the Sesame Pancakes, go to Vanessa's Dumplings (14th Street between 2nd and 3rd).

        If you like your poultry, you must hit up Pio Pio (34th between 2n and 3rd or 1st between 90th & 91st) for the best Peruvian Rotisserie.

        If you're looking for a burger and fries, in a park, on a nice day, try Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (23rd Street & Madison Avenue

        Another must try burger joint, Pete's Tavern (18th Street at Irving Plaza

        Last but not least, FRITES! The best in the city, Pommes Frites (Second Avenue between Seventh & St. Marks). Over two dozen dipping sauces!

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          No need to go to Cafe Habana if you are in the Rock center area. Head over to Margon on 46th and 6th for a much better cubano and generally better food over-all. The corn at Habana is very good, tho.

          1. re: KTinNYC

            At first, Margon was kinda hard to find (it is such a small place!) but it was well worth the effort. It is open from M-F 6AM-5PM and Sat 7AM-3PM. Service was excellent and I've tried a cuban sandwich and a latte! ($10 usd total) Delicious!
            They also have a very interesting menu for each day of the week with top cuban specialities. I was so invited to go back again in my next visit.
            I really appreciate all your help and advice!
   (They do delivery - (212)354.5013

        2. Pizza at one of many places by the slice (Joe's of Carmine's for instance)
          A burger at Shake Shack, Burger Joint, Market Table
          Thai at Pam Real Thai
          just few ideas

          1. Veselka fits the bill. I've had breakfast, lunch & dinner there. All have been very tasty.

            1. Cafe mogador (mediterranean), Cafe orlin (european), Supper ( if you just do a main and a small app), or cafe cortadito (cuban) would all work,,,