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I'll be drinking a few brews on my upcoming visit, and I'm wondering if I should be aware of any local or regional brands that you consider to be excellent. I prefer ale to lager. I especially like a medium dark ale, such as Newcastle Brown, but a nice pale ale is also of interest. I can always fall back on Bass, Guiness, etc, but are there east coast brands you'd like to recommend?

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  1. Brooklyn Brewery
    Dogfish Head

    check out The Gingerman and Blind Tiger Ale House, they should be able to quench any thirst you have and then some.

    1. No need to drink megabrews like Bass (ugh!) or Guinness. Brooklyn Beers are pretty good. They are available everywhere. You should like their Brooklyn Brown Ale. You might also like their very rich Black Chocolate Stout. If you can find them, the beers of Six Point brewery: Brownstone Ale is a very good dark brown ale. Their Hop Obama is selling quite well now as well (and actually has gotten favorable reviews). Their beers are drought only, so you will have to get them at a bar.

      Other excellent non NYC east coast beers available include those of Dogfish Head (Try their Raisin [sic] d'etre or Indian Brown Ale) and Victory Brewing.

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        Agree with the Dogfish Head recs. George Keeley's (UWS) has their 90 minute IPA on tap, along with other selections of their brews.

      2. tips sound perfect. thanks. where are The Gingerman and Blind Tiger Ale House located? what's the best watering hole with tap beers near where I'm staying....... 46th st near 9th ave?

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          Gingerman is on 36th between 5th & Madison.

          Blind Tiger is on Bleecker in the west village.

          Both are worth the "hike" and give you a sense of the different neighborhoods in the city.

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            From there, you might also want to check out Valhalla on 54th & 9th, which also has a very large beer selection.

          2. Dogfish head is great, but their best ones are the 120 minute IPA and the World Wide Stout. These are not always available but if you find them, do give them a try. Watch out, though, the alcohol content is over 20 percent. Otherwise I agree with the recs for the 90 minute and Indian Brown. North Square, a nice restaurant and lounge on Waverly Place, has the Indian Brown on tap.

            1. Six Points is really good. Brewed in Brooklyn. Not in bottles, but on tap at select bars.

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                Sixpoint is hands down more interesting than Brooklyn. Both the Brownstone Ale and the Gorilla Porter are lovely. Spitzer's in the LES has a great selection of beers on tap. The Ginger Man is great, but if you go after work, it is pretty bonkers with the happy hour crowd.

              2. Captain Lawrence is an amazing brewery in Pleasentville, NY (North of Manhattan)! I doubt that you will want to take a trip up to the brewery, but I know for a fact that you can find them on tap in NYC and BK.

                I love their pale ale, but liquid gold is my favorite.

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                  Ginger man is fantastic for selection...although last time I was there about 3 weeks ago they did not have dogfish head IPA available...for me the best dogfish is the 60 min IPA...the 120 is crazy!!

                  Others to try (and always available at the ginger) are:

                  Smuttynose IPA (from new hampshire...great brewery)
                  Stone Coast IPA (from Maine I think...very good)
                  Chelsea Brewing Company ales (NYC microbrewery and better than Brooklyn imo)

                  Also good is Weyerbacher hops infusion (from PA) which the Stand Burger joint (excellent burgers) just off Union Square has on tap.

                  Last time I was in the Blind Tiger they had Racer 5 IPA on draft which is awesome but is from Colorado so not within your geographical boundary...worth a pint or 2 though if you come across it...

                  Finally, Blue Point Brewery from Long Island NY has some great beers too. In particular their hoptical illusion IPA is very tasty.

                2. Forgot to mention the Ommegang Brewery (Cooperstown NY). I have not seen their selections on tap here, but have seen them in bottles. Good stuff - I particularly like the Rare Vos (sp?).

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                    their cask ale is usually on tap at Ginger Man

                  2. As far as New York brewers, I like Blue Point, Six Point, Southern Tier and Brooklyn, in pretty much that order. there are any number of bars at which you can find stuff from these and other craft brewers. Blind Tiger and Gingerman are good choices. Croxley is fine. For a smaller bar, I enjoy CB Six, assuming it is open after the crane collapse.

                    1. When are you coming? Chelsea Brewery is having their cask ale festival this weekend where they will have casks of Bluepoint, Sixpoint, Flying Bison (upstate ny), Captain Lawrence, Kelso... you get the drift..ny in cask basically. Sounds right up your alley.

                      Otherwise I recommend trying all of the Ommegang beers at Borough Food and Drink (don't eat there but enjoy 2 for 1 from 5 to 7), Then try out the Sixpoint Sweet Action and Brown Ale at Marshall Stack in LES and then head to Spitzers for a huge selection of everything.

                      If you want pick up a growler of some local brews at Whole Foods Bowery to enjoy at home!

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                        that sounds great! i think i have to go.

                      2. Excellent tips. Thanks so much. That cask festival sounds great, but I won't be in town until 3/30. So Valhalla has the best beer selection within walking distance of where I'm staying (46th st near 9th Ave)? Any other recommendations for watering holes in my vicinity that have a nice tap beer selection?

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                          The House of Brews is not far, 363 W. 46th St., between 8th and 9th Aves. See: http://www.houseofbrewsny.com/

                          If you felt like a German beer on tap or a wurst, then Hallo Berlin 10th Ave., just north of 44th is not far.

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                            re: growler from Whole Foods. What is/are their location(s)?

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                              You can check store locations here:


                              However, an even better place to buy beer is New Beer Distributors on Chrystie St. just north of Delancey. They have a bigger selection of all the hard-to-find beers and the prices are much lower than Whole Foods. For example, Dogfish Head 120 minute was about $9 a bottle at WF and $7.20 at NB.


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                                Only Whole Foods on the Bowery has the growlers. It's on Bowery and Houston Street.

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                              Coppersmiths on 52 and 9th (i think, def on 9th near that) is pretty solid. I love George Keeley's - mentioned in an earlier post - little far up, Amsterdamn bet'n 83 and 84, but has a GREAT selection of 20-25 beers on tap that is always being updated.

                              Gingerman and Blind Tiger are also excellent choices.

                              And CERTAINLY try the Dogfishhead IPA's, I love the 90 minute.

                            3. Thanks! George Keeley's draft beer selection sounds great. I think I'll be close to that neighborhood at some point, so I'm going to try to stop by. How's the food? At least acceptable?

                              1. Also, how's the food at Blind Tiger Ale House and Gingerman? Avoid or acceptable pub fare?

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                                  It's been a while since I've had it, but the Gingerman's food has always been good when I did have it. Good but not great. I like the braut platter.

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                                    Blind Tiger food is totally fine. Some good sandwiches, apps, etc. And I agree with chompchomp above - if you like a darker beer, then the Sixpoint Brownstone Ale really can't be beat.