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Mar 25, 2008 09:57 AM

Dallas Wine Bars

What are the best Wine Bars in Dallas and why? I love going to Wine Bars, but I have found the Wine Bars here in Dallas to be, um, let's just say a bit lacking.

*Wine Therapist - Poor wine selection and no food selection.

*Bodega Bar - Seems to be a bit cavernous with no art work and terrible furniture. Decent enough wine list, but I seem to remember the cheese board lacking imagination.

*Crush - Terrible decor, no art work, uncomfortable furniture but a nice location.

*Wine'tastic - Faux Roman Villa Decor. Need I say more?

*Vino 100 - I guess this one is my favorite. Great location. Decent enough wine selection, but it just seems to lack character.

Are there any I'm missing and do you agree/disagree?

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  1. What about Cru in West Village? Nice food, nice atmosphere (outside), and nice selection of vino. The only problem you really would face is being surrounded by the kind of people who go to West Village.

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    1. re: hungryphillip

      That, and isn't it retardedly expensive? I've been and I remember swearing to never go back because of the cost.

      And I'm rich!!!! LOL and JK!!!

      1. re: Epicurious Esquire

        Not too get too philosophical, but that a good wine bar depends on what you look for in wine bars. To clarify, the term wine bar gets thrown on to just about any restaurant these days that has more than 5 wines by the glass. If you are after a place that is a restaurant that has a focus on wine, then places like Cru or Mercy (in Addison) would probably best fit the bill. I tend to prefer those "wine bars" that focus on wine with food not being a necessity. That is why I like places like Bodega. Not only do they serve interesting wines by the glass that are properly stored, the servers (often the owner, Amier) know something about what they are serving. I never like to see a wine list composed soley of wines that I can readily find in bulk at Sam's or Costco. Yet, sadly, that is often the case for far too many "wine bars."

    2. I only moved here in August, but when I was doing the long-distance thing with my already-in-Dallas boyfriend, we'd pass Wine'tastic on the way to Love Field and every single time I'd look at him and say, "There no way in hell I'd ever go to a place named Wine'tastic." Snobby, sure, but c'mon!

      Let's just say I am none too surprised to hear about the decor. ;-)

      1. Don't know if it is what you are looking for, but what about Times Ten Cellars?

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        1. re: sass

          Times Ten only serves their wines. It's decent, but nothing special. I go there with friends because it's fun and we're in the neighborhood, but it's not at all a wine bar, it's a winery.

          1. re: dalaimama

            It is a beautiful building. IMHO, if they served a nice variety of wines and had a little better food selection, it would be fabulous. As it is, it is really, really nice, maybe the nicest Wine "Bar" in Dallas.

            1. re: Epicurious Esquire

              The bar is very nice. The people that own it are wonderful. The staff is nice. The snacks are not bad. Unfortunately, their wine is, at best, OK. I can do better with $8 at Tom Thumb.

        2. I love Into the Glass in Grapevine. It's dark and cozy, and has a great selection of wine, with some good food but the food is not the focus. I'd go there every week if we could afford it.

          1. I had a great time at Cork tonight. It is in the west village next to Grimaldi's. Our host Stephanie was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun.

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              I noticed Cork the other day when getting takeout from Grimaldi's. I'll have to check it out!