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Mar 25, 2008 09:48 AM

Anyone ever see a wedding cake like this?

So I am trying to figure out what I want my wedding cake to be like. I really want it to taste good more than anything, and be pleasing to the eye, but in a more minimalist way than most cakes I have seen (I am a very plain elegant type of person and cakes to me tend to get gaudy).

I am not a huge fan of fondant and I was thinking a cake like a Smith Island Cake with different color fillings and no side frosting would be really cool. Has anyone ever seen this done. For instance it would be just like layers of cake, fruit filling, cake, marzipan or butter frosting, in many layers with the sides not iced so you could see the stripes? Would there be a reason why this wouldn't work? Has anyone seen anything like this? If so any pictures?

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  1. My niece's wedding cake was much as you discribe.. simply about 18" round, about 4 to 5" tall, the sides exposed the layers, there was a thin sheet of marzipan on top and It was decorated with a few fresh flowers. A lot depends upon how many people it's to feed. Her wedding party was about 40 people. This was easily 20 years ago and I can't tell you much more than that it was a multi-layered, multi-flavored cake and that it was a home wedding and quite non-"traditional". A lot depends on the expectations of whomever is paying for the wedding. If it's a traditional mother footing the bill, such a cake might be frowned upon. If it's a comfortable wedding for close family and friends without succumbing to "Bride magazine" rules, then you can have any darned kind of cake you want! I had a small homemade family wedding and my cake was my husband's favorite: carrot cake.. made by his other favorite, me.

    1. Seems to me I saw a "simple" wedding cake done by Martha Stewart for the "Baking with Julia" series on PBS. Amazing pictures and a complete step by step instruction available in the "Baking with Julia" cookbook. I may be off a little on the particulars, but it seemed to have layers of genoise cake, each layer split with a liquer/fruit like rasberry? and then it was frosted with a rich buttercream and decorated with beautiful marzipan cherries. Simple, elegant and you could (or an amazing friend or professional baker) make it.

      1. An issue with the fruit filling is that when you layer the cake, a softer fruit filling or cream doesn't usually have the strength to hold the layers apart to keep a distinct stripe. The filling would ooze out between the layers and create a bulge, or it would seep into the cake layers.There is usually a moat of butter cream or whatever the outside is iced with that is piped around the edge of each layer to hold fruit filling in place. Just something to consider.

        1. A friend of mine who has a wedding cake business makes something kind of like what you describe. The cake itself is either carrot cake or sweet potato praline flavor and the filling is made from cream cheese, so not colorful like fruit filling would be, but certainly tasty. The top is sprinkled with confectioners' sugar and decorated with tiny caramel-dipped apples. I'm not sure how well this holds up in a warm-weather outside reception, but the cakes are certainly different than your usual dry white wedding cake. I'll try to post a pic:

          1. There are at least two versions of this style cake in Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes:
            As long as you support each tier properly and not overload each cake layer with filling & fruit, it should be beautiful.
            Congrats on your wedding.