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8 days in April...my plan.

OK, so we'll be in New Orleans for 8 days next month and here is what I have planned so far:

Thursday evening: Port of Call
Friday morning: Cafe Du Monde
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: FQF 'grazing'.
Sunday morning: brunch, Cafe Amelie
Monday: still thinking....
Tuesday: dinner at K-Paul's
Wednesday: lunch at Cuvee
Thursday: lunch at Liuzza's by the Track
Friday, lunch at Mr. B's before going home.

I know I have a lot of empty slots to fill (which won't be a big problem!), but what do you think so far?

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  1. Looks good, although I would drop Cafe Amelie for brunch. Maybe sub Commander's there.

    1. I'd add Stella and Clancy's

      1. I would drop Cafe Amelie on Sunday for brunch at the Marigny Brasserie on Frenchmen...great brunch and wonderful music by the Pfister Sisters.

        1. Commander's and Riomar for lunch. Herbsaint for dinner. LaBoca if you like steak (skirt steak is excellent). Sides/desserts large enough for 2. BTW, tote a light chair to FQF if you plan on listening to any music.

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            If you go to Cuvee, the crispy mirliton napoleaon with remoulade and cayenne buerre blanc (appetizer) is wonderful.

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              as is the osso bucco deconstructed.

          2. My favorite brunch in the quarter is at the Palace Cafe.

            If you've never been to brunch at Commander's, though, that's a must.

            Have fun!

            1. Try Ralph and Kacoos in the Quarter. I've never been impressed by any of the dinners but one of my favorite things to do is to pop in, sit at the bar with a cold beer and order a big bowl of crawfish etouffee, some fried crawfish tails and chow down on some hot hushpuppies. It's one of my main splurge meals when I go to NOLA. Personally, their etouffee is the best I've ever had although there's a place in Chattanooga that makes a pretty good one too!

              1. If you are in town on Thursday in time to make it to the Ogden Museum after hours (6 - 8 p.m.) I'd strongly suggest going to Cochon...it was packed last Thursday (3/20) so you will definitely benefit from a reservation. It's within walking distance from the museum and it makes for a nice local experience.

                I might suggest Bayona for their saturday light lunch (3 plates for $25.00). If the garden is open, it's a wonderful way to start an afternoon and the food is lovely.

                I will also put a pitch in for MiLa for Monday lunch. It's a three course Prix Fixe for $20.00. The food was wonderful...but be aware that there are only 2 selections of each course.

                I'm sure I'll be trashed for this one...but if you want a real old school New Orleans experience, I'd suggest Galatoires for Friday lunch. Perhaps not the best food in all of NOLA...but just to sit in the downstairs room and be welcomed into the party that is Friday lunch is a blast. Alternatively, Restaurant August does lunch on Fridays only...if you haven't been I'd recommend it for a more romantic, sedate meal. Make sure you sit in the front room. Have fun!

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                  Landscapedude, you hit the nail on the head re: Galitoire's and August.

                2. The Cochon recs have me puzzled -- If you live in NOLA and are tired of seafood, pig might look good. I, however, come from the Midwest, where we do pork extremely well. WTF would I eat pig in NOLA, when I can get drum, pompano, redfish, etc.? Not to mention, really good wild shrimp and in-season crawfish.

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                    While I agree that the Midwest can do pork extremely well, there is no denying that the cajun cooking methods utilized at Cochon are quite different from preparations you would find in your neck of the woods. Not that one is better than the other, they certainly both have their merits, but I don't think I'd have the attitude of "WTF would I eat pig in NOLA." I don't recall ever having any boudin worth a damn outside of Louisiana.

                  2. It's interesting that you seem to think Cochon is only about pork. Try their crawfish pies, roasted oysters, catfish court boullion, fish of the day and other cajun specialities that you might not get anywhere else in this part of New Orleans. How about rabbit and dumplings or an awesome spoonbread...not to mention some small batch moonshine. If you aren't going to take a drive out to the plantation district on River Road....where you might eat some smoked coon and squirrel...I would say...definitely, without a doubt go to Cochon.

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                      I did have the roasted oysters, and they were delicious, but pork is undeniably their specialty.

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                        I would skip cochon, went there for lunch and extremely extremely disappointed.

                      2. That sounds great. I have the perfect spot for Monday dinner. On Mondays Mat 'n Naddie's has a little two piece band on their patio. It is absolutely fantastic. You don't even mind the loud train that will probably pass by at least once because it is such a great time.

                        Have a great trip! Thanks for coming.