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Mar 25, 2008 09:26 AM

Honeymoon Dinner Options in Vermont

My fiance and I are planning a honeymoon in Vermont for next October. We are staying in Stowe (Top Notch Resort), Warren (The Pitcher Inn), and Manchester (Equinox Resort). We are looking for lunch and dinner dining options - they can be casual or not, but we'd like really special places. Hen of the Woods in Waterbury is an option for dinner...thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Get a ton of Ben & Jerry's and lock the door for a few days. Congrats!

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      I have heard only great reports from Hen of the Woods. I would recommend a trip about 30 minutes north to Richmond to include a stop at the Kitchen Table Bistro (maybe on the way back from a day in Burlington). The three places you have chosen areamong the best in VT. Where are you visiting from ? Please keep in mind that if it is early October, this area is mobbed with tourist. Late in the month (after foliage) it slows down until snowboard season starts. The food at the three Inns should be decent to superb (The Pitcher Inn).

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        I'm from Waterbury. Hen of the Wood is very good, but Michael's on the Hill is even better in our experience. Both are special, though, as is the Kitchen Table in Richmond. The restaurant at Topnotch was surprisingly nice when we stayed there last year, but I wouldn't recommend the Blue Moon Bistro in Stowe, we were underwhelmed. In the Mad River Valley, we had our wedding at 1824 House Inn in Waitsfield, which is open for dinner some nights and the food and atmosphere was outstanding.

        For casual eats, the Alchemist brewpub in Waterbury is great but get there early as its gets mobbed - and they only do dinner. The Cider House down the road does pretty good BBQ, but avoid it if you're really picky about your 'cue.

    2. I'll second the recommendations for Michael's on the Hill and Hen of the Woods. Both have superb food, and are two of my favorite restaurants in the state. (I live in Shelburne, VT.) However, Michael's is much more of a "special occasion" kind of place - much more romantic/elegant than Hen of the Woods, and also with warmer service (in my experience). I like Kitchen Table Bistro, but think it is out of its league with these two restaurants. I've never been disappointed by KTB, but never "wowed" either.

      I'm sorry I can't help for Warren (The Pitcher Inn is probably your best bet for food) or Manchester. Manchester will be mobbed and especially "touristy" in October - - it always feels more Masachusetts than Vermont to me even at the best of times. That said, I have only heard good things about the Perfect Wife.