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May 13, 2002 12:34 PM

Claro's Italian Market in San Gabriel

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To judge from its proximity to the longlived Petrillo's Pizza (833 East Valley, San Gabriel), Claro's Italian Market may have served a lively Italian neighborhood when it was first opened in 1948. It's an excellent old-fashioned store, with pastries, wines, farina di polenta, dry pasta, mushrooms, canned tomatoes, kitchen tools and so on.

Claro's Italian Markets:

-1003 East Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel, 626 288-2026

-19 1/2 East Huntington Drive, Arcadia, 626 446-0275

-101 West Whittier Boulevard, La Habra, 562 690-2844

-1095 East Main Street, Tustin, 714 832-3081

-1655 North Mountain Avenue, Upland, 909 946-2689

-322 Souh Glendora, West Covina, 626 918-8818


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  1. The San Gabriel branch carries 100% chestnut flour, with which you can make castagnaccio.

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    1. re: Jerome

      OK, Jerome, give us the punchline, what is castagnaccio?

      -Poor Simple Un-Worldly Folk

        1. re: wow i'm a dog

          actually, it's more like an accompaniment to a roast. It's baked chestnut flour, kind of like a sweet/savory cake. Not that sweet really, you don't add sugar.

          1. re: jerome

            Looks like Italian halvah.

            1. re: LBQT

              OK, sounds like another mission for the Gang of Four (or five if Woo is available). Let's find an Italian Restaurant that does a killer Porterhouse steak and accompanies it with a casta... (what ever it is called).

                1. re: Chino Wayne

                  You've already been there, parked in front(it has the killer steak), you've met the owner, you just haven't been inside yet.