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Mar 25, 2008 09:06 AM

delicious rice and beans

I just got back from a vacation in Costa Rica where every casado ("tipical" plate meal) had a side of delicious rice and beans. Does anybody know where in New York I can find such rice and beans? Perfectly seasoned and springy? Not congealed, dry, clay-like, or overly greasy?

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  1. El Castillo de Jagua and Taza del Oro are both neighborhood favorites that serve flavorful rice and beans with every meal.

    1. When I want to sit down to a nice pile of rice and beans, I generally head over to either El Castillo de Jagua (on Rivington) or La Nueva Conquista (on Lafayette).

      1. Casa Adela at 66 Avenue C (Btwn 4th & 5th St). Adela makes black, red and pink beans, they're, all of them, scrumptious. I live right near Taza el Oro and am a semi-regular, but I'll take the hike to Loisaida for Adela's rice and beans.