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Mar 25, 2008 08:58 AM

Restaurant featuring home made pastas

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Boston that makes home made pasta? Thanks

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  1. A couple that really impressed me with their house-made pasta recently: Benatti in East Cambridge and Da Vinci near Park Square. Both in the mid-high price range, and both worth visiting for the pastas alone.

    1. Some of the best homemade pasta I've had in the area is from the Pasta Market in Malden. And the pasta is very reasonably priced there. Good traditional Italian pizza, too.

      Al Dente in the North End also has good pasta that is freshly made. Not all of their pastas are homemade, though, so it's a good idea to tell the server you want fresh pasta.

      An overlooked place for fresh pasta is the Blackjack Pasta Bar in the Fenway neighborhood. They get their pasta fresh daily from their original location in Everett. Their Web site is down for some reason, but they are definitely still open for business. If you go, make sure it's not when the Sox are in town, unless you don't mind walking a looonnnng way!

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          I believe Blackjack Pasta has been taken over by someone else. I recall reading it in an advertisement a couple of weeks ago in the Improper.

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            It still looked the same when I was there ~2 weeks ago. The pasta and sauce tasted similar (good in my opinion), but the bread was different and very underdone/bad. Things were also a bit more expensive than previously (there was a sign saying that due to ingredient cost increases, some items were now more expensive than posted on the menu above the cash register), but still reasonable for fresh pasta, good sauce and huge portion. It might have changed since then - I have not walked by recently.

        2. Vinny's At Night offers a homemade pasta upgrade with their meals. The fusilli is awesome.

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            Amen to that. Can't remember their other homemade pasta type @ Vinny's, but it pales in comparison to their fusilli, which is some of the best I've ever had. And their "side" portion is huge, so you can get your pasta fill while trying a non-pasta entree (I love the bracciola).

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              The other house-made pasta at V's@N is mafalde - my current favorite

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                Mafalde. Interesting, I actually prefer it to the fusilli.

                NB For better or worse, Vinny's at Night is more downscale than most of the other suggestions, and it's more Italian-American than straight Italian, but it is absolutely fantastic. Honestly, it pretty much single-handedly changed my perceptions of Italian-American cuisine, purely for the better.

            2. Il Panino in the North End makes their own pasta I believe. The gnocchi was light and delicious.

              1. If you're in the mood for take-out or an inexpensive, casual meal, I would recommend Basta Pasta in on Western Ave in Cambridge. They have homemade fusilli that you can add to any order for a slight charge. I really enjoyed the meatballs, but wasn't so impressed with the bolognese sauce. The risotto is also pretty good here. That's all I've tried so far.

                Basta Pasta
                319 Western Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139