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Mar 25, 2008 08:50 AM

Korean/Asian market in Baltimore?

I know there's H-Mart in Catonsville, but is there a Korean (or some general Asian) market in the city? I've been to the Thai/Filipino grocery off Greenmount near 33rd Street, but they don't have everything I'm looking for. I know there is a stretch of Korean restaurants in the area of Charles Street between 20th and 25th Streets - maybe there's one there? Help!

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  1. I get Chinese stuff from Asia Foods, at 5224 York Rd (a bit south of Woodbourne Ave., on the west side of the street).

    I don't know what they have in Korean stuff, though, as I don't shop for that.

      1. re: hon

        In particular, tofu skins to make this:

        I've had a really hard time finding narrow flat egg noodles (still searching), and I also just want random spices/condiments etc.

        1. re: scarlet starlet

          I would try Asia Food on York Road, they have a good amount of stuff. If not then you might have to make the trek to H-Mart!

          1. re: hon

            Thanks! I'm going to try to get there tonight.

      2. Another good place is Towson Oriental Market on E. Joppa Road near Towson. The owner of the late great Golden Gate Noodle House on Allegheny Avenue clued us in on it a few years ago. Mostly Chinese ingredients and on Fridays they have fresh rice noodles and egg tarts.

          1. re: coffeesnob

            Not exactly in the city and H Mart is closer if you are going out to the county.

          2. The original comment has been removed