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Mar 25, 2008 08:39 AM

Near Raritan Center in Edison

DD has a dance competion next month at the convention center in Edison. We are looking for something in the area...sometimes the wait in between dances could be hours and hours with the first dance in the am and the next dance in the pm. Looking for something American or bar and grill or great diner or cheap but good Italian (pizza place that serves good food is okay). The kids are 14 years old. What do you suggest?

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  1. For the best deli in the area try Harolds right there in the Center.

    1. I work in Raritan Center and I can suggest a few other places besides Harold's, although, that's where I would go.

      On Campus Drive in the Raritan Center there's a cheap pizza place. I don't know if it's open on the weekend.

      If you go onto Woodbridge Ave East (514), and turn left onto Amboy Avenue, there's a Stewarts Diner on your right. In a shopping center to your left (I believe it's an A&P in there), there's a really good pizza place. I THINK it's called Scotto's.

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        Okay that's good...but is Harold's expensive? I have heard about the huge portions and all so I guess we can share.

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            Yikes...$45 for a HUGGGGGGGGGGGE sandwich, lol. But what if you are two they have just a large cheesecake for two? This place is a contender. Tks

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              Harold's is bigfoodfun! When I lived in the area we took some people there-it stunned the 15 year old into total silence. I would commit fraud for a walk down the pickle bar- really could get into the garlicky-crunchy-bright green ones. It's insane NOT to share unless everyone has incredibly LARGE appetites. I'll try to find my pic of the killer éclair......

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                  *MWAH*bgut1 - I'll have half sour dreams now... Here is a personal photo of Pop -a Jersey Boy posing with the MONSTER face eating éclair....

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                You've got to see the layer cakes to believe them--they are the size of hassocks.

        1. there's a couple of choices, other than Harold's... thats ALOT of food but delish. jade dynasty on Amboy Ave, about 5 min from RC. They have a daily lunch special except Suinday, ask for the menu. Ferraro's pizza on Amboy Ave, little further up than Jade on same side of Street. Stewart's Rootbeer across from Jade (i do not like but some people do, been there a long long time). Futher up from Jade on Amboy, just past Rt 1 entrance in TANO MALL is Jackie Cooper deli that has sandwiches, burgers, etc. There's also a Manhattan Bagel, Pizza place and McD in that strip. About 10 min from Raritan Center.

          1. What abot the Skylark Diner? It has a bar, and it has a funky menu. So close to Raritan Center..right on Route 1 north in Edison.


            1. " but good Italian (pizza place that serves good food is okay). "

              other than the aforementioned harold's, the raritan ctr is a dead zone for food. not too far away (about a mile), you can score a decent grandma pizza at santos deli. usually you have to purchase a whole pie, but, if it's the day's special, you can buy it by the slice.


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                Santos is ok but i found it dirty and the help nasty.

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                  I forgot about Skylarks, Angelina. I put that out to my friends also. Tks.