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Mar 25, 2008 08:14 AM

Twin Bays Cafe in Phoenixville

I just came across a mention of this restaurant and can't recall hearing anything about it, good, bad or indifferent. A search of this board turned up a few comments, but nothing in great detail. Is this a restaurant you'd recommend? I know it's pricey, but is it worth it? Have you had anything really wonderful there? If you were looking for a good BYO in Phoenixville, is this the one you'd choose, or would you be more likely to go to Black Lab Bistro, Majolica, or maybe somewhere else? Thanks.

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  1. i've only been once and about a year ago, but found it drafty and mediocre food. prices are so-so.

    though i've not been to the other two you mention i am dying to; they score much more favorably around here from what i've read. never heard a bad thing about majolica.

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    1. re: rabidog

      Prices are so-so???

      2 soups at $7 and $9 and not a single entree under $22 is quite pricy IMO.

      One thing at Majolica that really turns me off is that they specifically state that they "allot" a 2 hour window per table on Friday and Saturday's. I'm not saying that I plan on being somewhere for more than 2 hours (although it's certainly happened in the past), but to actually state that they allot a certain amount of time is a bit of a turn-off IMO.

      1. re: mitchh

        I have to be honest mitchh, i don't think there's anything wrong with saying that you have 2 hours on a table at a small byob on a weekend (Friday or Saturday). In my experience, all the restaurants that do that (and there are more than a few) are small byob's that need to turn the tables to stay in business. They don't have people breaking down their doors monday through thursday... friday and saturday is when people want to eat there. A simple solution I've found is either join them during the week when they are less busy or take a later reservation when there won't be a seating after you. I'd rather know what the restaurant's policy is and make my plans accordingly. I don't think it's a big problem... and it helps these small,creative restaurants stay in business. I've actually been to a place in Bryn Mawr named cafe fresco where they give a table of 4 an hour and a half... that's a bit of a rush and I won't go back there... but i find 2 hours to be fine. Just MHO.

        1. re: sanfrantransplant


          I completely understand the reason and, again, I don't intend on staying at a place like Majolica for more than 60-90 minutes. It's just the principle of seeing that they "allot" 2 hours per table in print that bothers me.

          1. re: mitchh

            I agree. I know Majolica gets a lot of love from this board, but I no longer go. The prices have doubled since they opened and they are not very willing to make any substitutions, when they used to be happy to.

            1. re: saturninus

              That sounds like a very familiar story. A guy that I used to play golf with used to be a regular there when Majolica first opened and has since stopped going.

              Based on what I read on this forum it appears that I am in the minority that isn't all that impressed with Phoenixville.

              1. re: mitchh

                We used to be regulars - the owners knew us, greeted us. Then when it got popular, which was unfortunate for me, we could never get in. The cost was beyond our reach. We tried to make a reservation for one of their special dinners but they said no substitutions. It's their right, but it just wasn't the same for us.

        2. re: mitchh

          mitch: ugh, maybe i've jjust been hitting too-expensive places in phila lately. my bank acct is hurting and my financial sense may be a bit off-kilter. i'll put it this way - i don't mind paying $9 for a soup and $22 for an entree, but it better well be tastier than mediocre. for example matyson which i finally finally finally went to - prices were around that mark, but the food was exxxxxxcellent. you all were right. :) but i'll save that for another post as well!

      2. Black Lab is less expensive than Majolica. Majolica is more "foodie" than BL, imho. Depends on what you want. I've been to both and prefer the Black Lab, but there are many folks who rave about Majolica. It is not really in our price or comfort range.

        1. I think that TBC & BLB are better for comparison. Majolica's food style is a bit different-and more $, smaller portions. As for TBC, I have enjoyed meals there & the staff was wonderful. If you enjoy sauces & how they pair with food then go to TBC. As for BLB, I really have had a few great meals & a few mediocre meals. I generally enjoy all of their homemade desserts- especially the "specials." In general though, I would try BLB for lunch & dessert as they have a great burger, turkey sandwich, & handcut fries.

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          1. re: pamd

            Twin Bays.....the food doesn't hold up to the prices. Not even close. I have no issues with paying $7 for soup or $25-$30 for an entree.....but it has to be worth it! I've been there twice in the last year and a times disappointed. Greasy food...mediocre service...undercooked creme brulee that was then torched poorly....YES, the place is drafty!!....both times I went I had to search for the hostess.....All in all, no reason to go there anymore.

            As far as the whole Black Lab/Majolica issues...I'm going to the "Phoenixville" post to vent.