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Mar 25, 2008 08:10 AM

Boston's best salads?

For better of for worse, this hypothetical "warmer weather" has steered me into low-carb land. Where - and what - are your favorite salads?

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  1. I really enjoy the salad bar at Sebastian's by Downtown Crossing.

    1. Here's a thread from last summer that lists many of the favorites:

      (And in it, I post a link to a *previous* salad thread! Not sure exactly how just yet, but this tactic will definitely be in play as I develop my Chowhound drinking game...)

      1. The salads at the Centre Street Cafe in JP are really good--fresh, organic ingredients with locally-picked veggies (depending on the season).

        1. A few favorites:

          Cobb salad and deconstructed Caesar at Pop's (good salads all around here)

          Salade Cambodgienne at Elephant Walk

          Frisee/lardon/poached egg salads at Brasserie Jo, Aquitaine, Pierrot, Petit Robert, and Beacon Hill Bistro

          Fasulye piyaz, the complimentary white bean salad served at Brookline Family Restaurant.

          The somewhat overdressed but otherwise lovely beet salad with very mild goat cheese at Cafe Polonia.

          The pear "carpaccio" at Da Vinci.

          The romaine salad with Parmesan dressing, superb croutons, and lardons at Hamersley's.

          The spicy fideos, chickpeas and green chard dressed with orange aioli at Oleana (verging into not-salad territory, I suspect).

          That sweetly-dressed pile of iceberg they serve with the steak tips at New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea.

          1. The Boston Salad at the Cheesecake Factory with extra dressing on the side and extra bacon bits.