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Mar 25, 2008 08:06 AM

Cocoa Beach this weekend

My boyfriend and I will be spending this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in Cocoa Beach. We are looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations. Seafood does not have to be the main focus, we are from New England so we have access to great seafood all the time.
Nothing too pricey, but all ethnic food groups are welcome. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: cavandre

      I did see both of those threads, but thought they might be too old- especially the second one. Since restaurants change so often, I was hoping for more recent info.

      1. re: littlepiggie

        If you want something special, head a bit away to Cocoa Village. There you'll find two exceptional restaurants owned by the same family: Ulysses, for steak, and Cafe Margaux, for French/creative. I haven't been to Cafe Margaux in a few years, but I just ate at Ulysses and it was extraordinary in every way.

        1. re: rudykins

          While we've never been to Ulysses, we always have a great meal at Cafe Marguaz. However, littlepiggie said "Nothing too pricey" & I don't think either of these are in that catgory.

    2. Re: the old threads...

      Simply Delicious is still there for breakfast.
      Can personally recommend Silvestro's for very good Italian.

      Haven't been there but have heard good things about Pita Garden on Cocoa Beach Causeway.

      You said seafood was not a focus, but Fish Lips up in Port Caneveral is also a favorite.

      1. The Fat Snook is getting lots of good remarks from people I know, though I haven't tried it yet myself, it certainly is on my list. Also Pompano Grill, small but nice. Slow & Low for BBQ. And always, always, Simply Delicious for breakfast & lunch.

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        1. re: mustardgm

          Another person that's heard good things but has not actually eaten in the Fat Snook. You can check their menu & prices at: