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Dinner in Portland on Sunday - Help

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We're going to a 4pm show at Merrill on Sunday, and want to have dinner after it. Wanted to try Green Elephant or Miyake but they're both closed on Sundays. Any suggestions for casual places to dine that is open on Sunday evening? We always go to Yosakus or Pepperclub, and love them, but we want to try someplace different. Maybe Ribollita's is open on Sunday?? Thanks!

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  1. I would recommend David's in Monument Square. If you haven't been in awhile, they have improved dramatically. Also I believe Pete Kilpatrick plays on Sunday night, so additional entertainment.

    1. The Front Room on Munjoy Hill, and Street & Co, are both open on Sunday nights. For a fun casual evening, I'd recommend FR, but they don't take reservations so you might be prepared to wait: you can usually slip inside and stand at the bar and get a drink.

      1. Walter's on Exchange Street is open on Sunday starting at 5:30. Walking distance from Merrill. Excellent food w/ Med and Asian influences.Reservations accepted.Not inexpensive but excellent value.

        1. I second any of the Munjoy Hill restaurants, adding Blue Spoon to the mix.

          1. I also recommend Front Room. We had a great meal there last Sunday. Also, Norms on Congress, or Vignola off Commercial St.

            1. Thanks everyone. We haven't been to Front Rm for a while -- great suggestions!

              1. The Green Elephant is absolutely DELICIOUS (Pineapple brown rice :) ) But unfortunately closed on Sundays :/ I LOVE the Front Room on the Hill is an old stand by and they always have amazing specials.... the Blue Spoon is great as well but also closed on Sundays. Go to the Front room and make sure to get roasted brussle sprouts... they're the bomb ;)

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                    Green Elephant is on 608 Congress St

                1. Thanks everyone, took your advise and went to Front Room. It was terrific!! My husband had salmon and said it was the best he ever had (and he orders salmon everywhere). I had Rose fish, which was a special, cooked to perfection and served over roasted asparagus. Appetizer of golden beet salad was equally good. And prices were extremely reasonable. Only cavaet is there is no air lock, so tables near door are a little cold, and place is always packed so noise level tends to be on the high side. But quality of food is very high, and specials were varied and eclectic (whose heard of Rose fish?). Regular menu is a hoot -- everything from egg sandwich to roasted salmon, with lots of comfort foods -- meatloaf, mac and cheese, etc. Definitely something on the menu for everyone from light to hearty dinners.

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                    The Front Room is probably my favorite place for breakfast and dinner. I can't wait for The Grill Room to open in the old Natasha's spot on Exchange street. Big focus on meats and the place is supposed to look great when they are done.