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Mar 25, 2008 08:00 AM

What's happened to the people that ran the (unfortunately defunct) Thunderbird Restaurant in NYC?

Does anyone know what ever became of the people that ran the (unfortunately defunct) Thuinderbird Restaurant in New York City please? This, if I remembered the name of the restaurant correctly, was a Native American restaurant close to the American Museum of Natural History and I believe the only one on the (northern) East Coast of the US. There is a Native American restaurant in Washington, DC, but of course it's a six-hour trip by bus from NYC and not worth going to if only in Washington, DC for just one day---Wahington is one city that one really needs to spend a LOT more time in if one wants to really enjoy the visit! I really miss a true Native American restaurant in New York City!

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  1. I think the name was Silverbird, and I think the chef/owner was called Jay Silverbird. I can't believe somebody else remembers this place! I don't know any more, though.