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What's happened to the people that ran the (unfortunately defunct) Thunderbird Restaurant in NYC?

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Does anyone know what ever became of the people that ran the (unfortunately defunct) Thuinderbird Restaurant in New York City please? This, if I remembered the name of the restaurant correctly, was a Native American restaurant close to the American Museum of Natural History and I believe the only one on the (northern) East Coast of the US. There is a Native American restaurant in Washington, DC, but of course it's a six-hour trip by bus from NYC and not worth going to if only in Washington, DC for just one day---Wahington is one city that one really needs to spend a LOT more time in if one wants to really enjoy the visit! I really miss a true Native American restaurant in New York City!

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  1. I think the name was Silverbird, and I think the chef/owner was called Jay Silverbird. I can't believe somebody else remembers this place! I don't know any more, though.