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Mar 25, 2008 07:50 AM

Outdoor Brunch/Lunch Recommendations for Saturday and Sunday?

Arriving in New Orleans this Saturday. If the weather's fine, we'd love to dine outside. Where should we go for brunch or lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Amelie has great food and a gorgeous courtyard on Royal in the FQ. Google "Princess Monaco Hotel" for info. Bayona on Dauphine also has a very nice courtyard and serves lunch. Uptown, you could go with Martinique on Magazine or Dante's in Riverbend. Esplanade Ridge has Cafe Degas, which is almost outside and very nice when the weather's good. A friend was at Martinique last weekend and said it was terrific; I've been to all the others in the last 30 days, but Cafe Amelie gets my vote for courtyard most likely to make you want to abandon other plans and hang out all day.

    1. My favorite outdoor venue is the Audubon Park Golf Clubhouse. The food is adequate, the service borders between so-so and BAD, but, you can't beat the atmosphere and I've never had to wait for a table. The chairs and tables are very comfy. The view of the golf course/park/oak trees is wonderful.

      There is also usually parking in the lot, also a plus.

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        1. Cafe Degas
          Martinique (does it have brunch these days?)
          Courtyard or garden room at Commander's
          Muffelatta at the Moonwalk
          Takeout crawfish from K'Jean's, eaten at the fly by the river

          1. It isn't outdoor - but the very best brunch in N.O. is Brennan's. The last time we went we sat at a window overlooking the courtyard. The food is incredible as is the service.

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              I have to admit that Sat. Brunch at Brennan's was excellent. It had been 30 years, since we had done it, but I have no complaints. We were inside, as the courtyard was still wet from a rain, but it was lovely, all the same. I really never expected to type the above, but in all honesty, we really, really enjoyed ourselves and the food was near excellent. I'd put it right behind Ralph's on the Park for Sunday Brunch, based on that visit.