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Mar 25, 2008 07:45 AM

Cochon on Fri., Brigsten's on Sat. Help on Thursday?

My husband and I are coming to NOLA on Thursday for a food/music/childless weekend- flight from Toronto gets in around 5 and we're staying at the Richelieu in the FQ. We've made reservations at Cochon and Brigstens for Fri/Sat but want to go somewhere in walking distance from our hotel on thurs. Does not need to be high end - in fact after several airports and airplanes that day, casual and local - but GOOD! - would be more our speed that first night. any suggestions? Have read a dizzying number of threads but just got dizzier so thought I'd post anew! Many thanks - and I'll report back.

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  1. Napoleon House for cocktails & a muffelatta, sit in the courtyard, soak up the vibe

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      Thanks Hungry Celeste - that sounded perfect - until I checked their hours - only serving food until 5:30 :(

      any other thoughts??

    2. Sochow,

      We are also traveling on Thursday for a childless long weekend in NOLA! Arriving a bit later than you, but we are planning on heading to the Copper Monkey for crawdads and beer that night. I need to look up the exact address, but my CH notes for the weekend say Conti off Bourbon.

      1. Irene's or G.W. fins are probably your best bets (both places are fairly casual), but there's also Stella, Galatoire's, and Bayona. Unfortunately, most of the good places in the quarter tend to be more formal.

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          Just got some great recs. for Irene's from family in NOLA (some in the business), but have not been there. Did Stella! instead, and wife cannot stop talking about it. Upscale, prices and dining, but worth every $.

          If the OP is in from CA, then think about how cheap it will actually be. About the opposite of what I encounter in London. Just pretend that those £’s are $'s, and let American Express sort it out a month later. Just great in all aspects.


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            Irene's only if you have resv. We prefer the front room. If they have the crabcake special, it is excellent. Maximos on Decatur is a local fav. but resv. a must. Only been once since they reopened (actually opening weekend). Food was good but not outstanding ( of course allowances must be made, 2nd night open and a packed house). There's also the Marigny Brasserie on Frenchman and POC on Esplanade for great burgers.

          2. Coop's. Total dive bar. Great food. Sit at the bar. Make friends.

            1. Just back from a few days in New Orleans. Cochon was amazing - strongly recommend going hungry and grazing - baked oysters, house-cured meat plate (best head cheese I've ever had), rabbit & dumplings. Strawberries are in season already - fantastic dessert.

              I enjoyed brunch at Brennan's. Also had a nice dinner at Lilette on Magazine Street, near the Garden District. Nice small local restaurant - good food with French influence. Also crawfish are in season - try to find a good crawfish boil (I ate them non-stop in Houma, LA). I also recommend the Chart Room Bar on Chartres Street - good place to sit in the window and drink bourbon watching the world go by - a few blocks from Bourbon Street but a world away.

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                Thanks everyone - lots of great options here. I promise to report back.