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Fave food for sharing at Eastern Standard?

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Looking for stuff that's easy to eat at the bar with a group. Thanks. Are there items not on the dinner menu that they serve at the bar? I couldn't find a separate bar menu online.

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  1. The cod fritters are good for that. Mussels and frites. They really don't have a ton of that sort of thing if memory serves.

    1. Raclette. Raw bar. Cheese plate.

      1. I like the charcuterie plate there a lot. My husband really likes the bone marrow there too which works okay for sharing with one or two other people.

        1. I think their fried calamari app is one of the best I've had so far. And my bf and I have tried the fried calamari from at least about a dozen places around town.

          1. Savory:
            Cheese plate
            Beef tartare
            moules frites

            Confectioners plate - 6 - 10 bites of various sweets. My new favorite.

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              A confectioners plate? Oh my. You've done it. I must go try this now.

              Agree on the tartare especially - I shared this with someone and it was perfect. I'm not so fond of the accompaniments on the cheese plate at ESK - they always seems far too sweet for me. Maybe it's just me.

            2. Their pressed prime rib sandwich is wonderful. It comes in two halves and easily could be shared four ways.

              They do not have a separate bar menu.

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                everything sounds good---sounds like plenty of choices! thanks...

              2. They always have chips and dip - I haven't seen it on the menu in ages, but whenever we've asked for it, they've had it.

                House-made chips, oniony/creme fraiche-type dip. Yummers.