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Mar 25, 2008 07:02 AM

Interesting places near Midway Airport?

We'll be driving down from Milwaukee on Friday night and will be staying near Midway. Any recommendations for a good place to eat near there, or somewhere a bit north that we might pass by on our way? We don't want to do a lot of driving after we eat, so prefer to eat somewhere relatively nearby.

We like almost every type of ethnic food and seafood. Not into steak.


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  1. Xni-Pec!!
    Yucatecan food.
    The ambience is interesting enough. It's not expensive, and the food will really peak your interest. (oh, it's REALLY good food, too!)

    Other reviews:

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    1. One of my favorite places that's conveniently on the way from Milwaukee to Midway (coming down the Tri-State I-294) is:

      Bella Bacino's of LaGrange
      36 S. La Grange Rd.
      La Grange

      This is a very nice Italian restaurant, with wine crates on the walls (sounds funky, but it works), excellent primarily Italian food (I think their grilled calamari is the best calamari I've ever had), and a welcoming attitude. The owners also own Bacino's (pizza), but this is their pride and joy.

      As another option, if you'd like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, Giordano's has a location just south of the main terminal, at 63rd and Cicero. They specialize in double-crust "stuffed" pizza. Call ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        While I've been to Bella Bacino's and rate it as a very good neighborhood restaurant I would caution that it is NOT particularly close to Midway Airport -- I would not hesitate to say at least 25 minutes of combined highway and surface street driving most times of the day --

        1. re: renov8r

          The OP is looking for a restaurant on the way from Milwaukee to Midway. Bella Bacino's is right on the way, assuming you are taking the southbound Tri-State to inbound I-55. Exit I-294 at Ogden Avenue, go 2 miles east to LaGrange Road and turn right. After dinner, go back to Ogden, turn right, go 1.5 miles east to 1st Avenue, turn right onto 1st southbound, and after a mile you will see signs for I-55 north; you can either take I-55 north to Cicero Avenue to the airport, or stay on 1st Avenue as it turns east and becomes 55th Street, and take it to the airport. Either way, at night after dinner it shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes, much of which you would have been driving anyway on your way to the airport.

      2. Just a few block from Midway is Bobak's sausages: a large Polish grocery which also houses a buffet restaurant featuring Polish cuisine.

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        1. re: crispychick

          Unfortunately Bobak's seems to have imploded (family antagonisms; if you search this board there's a discussion somewhere). As of a couple months ago the buffet was closed and only a few steam tables with take-out food were available.

          Szalas might be the best bet for a Polish restaurant near Midway

          Or, for Mexican (Guerrerense style), there's the branch of La Quebrada on 63rd about a block east of Pulaski. They reportedly expanded into the adjoining space that used to house Steve's Shish Kabab, but I haven't been there to check out the enlarged space yet.

          P.S. gordeaux's suggestion of Xni-Pec, above, is an excellent one. Xni-Pec is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago (Cicero counts as Chicago, right?


          Szalas Restaurant
          5214 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

          La Quebrada
          3818 W 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60629

          1. re: Amata

            It appears that the Bobak outposts are no more, but the original on Archer is still going strong.

            Freddy's Pizza in Cicero ( would be a great stop for some takeaway and gelato, but they close at 7 pm.

        2. Somewhere relatively nearby would be Brandy's, a mere city block from Midway. How's that? They are at the corner of Archer and Cicero.

          I had to pick up my brother and his fiancee from Midway last week and we stopped there to eat lunch. My brother kept back seat driving and telling me where to go according to his "restaurant reviews" on his fancy phone. Brandy's was NO WHERE to be found - which is why I'm taking the time to write this review (OK, better late than never) and hopefully save someone else the fiasco I had to ordeal.

          After driving around to all kinds of crazy suggestions on the internet (some which were out of business & some which were NOT anywhere near Midway Airport - come on people!!!) we found this place by chance.

          It's a diner style restaurant that is apparently in the middle of a renovation because i overheard a few of the regulars talking (repeat customers are always a good sign) about how the kitchen had all new stainless steel etc. Also was told by our waitress that the menu was brand new that week. So perhaps the owner/s will be getting around to fixing the interior? It's clean but very outdated!

          We started with the fried green bean app and they were awesome. I ordered a breakfast Omelet called Farm wife (or something like that) and it was full of FRESH veggies and parmesan cheese. Wow. That was a huge surprise. My brother got this crazy burger called a snafu, which i remember and thought was funny because our dad was in the military. I think it had everything! Cheeses, bacon, salsa, a fried egg... The fried egg out stands out in my memory.

          As for my brother's fiance, miss picky - she didn't eat any meat. To our surprise this funky diner actually had a lot of meatless options! Besides that the staff was VERY accommodating; allowing her to modify things and just be the royal pain in a** eater she always each their own, right?

          Had to wait to get my drink refill BUT other than that everything was great! Inexpensive, really good food in an outdated environment with GREAT people watching! (man singing to himself in the corner! A young couple arguing in the booth next to us!!!)

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          1. re: aluzi

            >> (some which were out of business & some which were NOT anywhere near Midway Airport - come on people!!!)

            This particular topic is over three years old, so it would be reasonable to check on places in case they have closed, moved, or changed. Also in this particular topic, the OP was asking for recommendations that would be convenient for the drive from Milwaukee (Wisconsin) to Midway Airport - not all of which are necessarily near the airport.

            Thanks for posting your recommendation.

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Ok well that's confusing because in the main question box listed above it seems they are asking:
              Interesting places near Midway Airport?
              We'll be driving down from Milwaukee on Friday night and will be staying near Midway. Any recommendations for a good place to eat near there, or somewhere a bit north that we might pass by on our way?

              I was also trying to respond to the thread my brother had looked at last week while driving me crazy!!

              Although you say it's 3 years old (which I now notice), it is STILL among the top listed on Google search when typing in "Restaurants near Midway"

              Was just trying to help others, since that seems to be a commonly typed search...

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