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Mar 25, 2008 07:00 AM

David Chang Profile in the New Yorker

Any one read this profile? The interviews were conducted around the time that he was opening Ko.

The guy seems very intense but passionate about his restaurants. I think it shows the best and worst about the Type A personalities in the food world. It takes that kind of single mindedness to get the job done, but it also makes people, not the least them the chefs and restaurateurs themselves, absolutely miserable.

Now I am curious to visit one of the Momofoku restaurants the next time I am in NYC.

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  1. Just finished the article and was impressed to read how important it was to him that standards not be allowed to deteriorate. That seems to happen too often when a chef's attention is drawn elsewhere. I haven't been to any of his restaurants either, but from the reviews on this board it doesn't seem as though his attempts to maintain those standards of excellence are as effective as he might wish.

    1. I thought the article was interesting and very funny in places but it didn't inspire me to eat at Ko, especially with an $85 tasting menu. Glad to see food info on the Manhattan board though.

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        I agree, the article didn't really convey what makes Chang's food interesting or special. Written as a business profile, and a pretty generic one at that.

        1. re: newhavener07

          It may have set a record for occurance of the words "dude" and "f***ing" in a New Yorker article, though.

      2. I have only been to the Momofuku Ssam Bar - but I go every time I am in NYC. The flavor, quality, presentation, creativity - all of it works at a top notch level. The brussels sprouts are completely addictive. Almost every dish has us moaning with delight. I recommend it frequently to traveling friends, who have all worked it into their "must do" list for future visits! I hope to try his other restaurants eventually...

        1. I really enjoyed this article (laughing out loud on the subway..that was me)
          It wasn't about the food at all. It was about the charming neurosis of this guy, and duuuuuude chef culture. I didn't find it to be biz profile either -- just a wonderful entertaining piece of writing that captured a moment in the explosion of David Chang's career.

          I've eaten at Ssam and Momofuku (a couple of times each.) The food is great - a dedication to top ingredients, like tiny veg from the farmer's market home pickled, and of course the outstanding pork. The pork buns are the only thing I find over-rated. The brussel sprouts really are superb - both the original porky version, and the fish sauce version @Ssam.
          He's a rock star that has found a groove.